Segulah Once in 50 Years Today: The Ninth of the Ninth – What Is It?


the-ninth-of-the-ninthRav Chaim Vital, in the introduction to his work Eitz Hachaim, writes: The sefer Bris Menuchah was written by an early-generation tzaddik to whom Eliyahu Hanavi appeared and revealed secrets, among them the following secrets:

“Once every fifty years, the ninth year of yovel arrives and in it the ninth month, and in it the ninth day, and in it the ninth hour – whereupon all the wheels in the upper worlds are agitated and ‘Your good treasure house upon us do open’ is fulfilled.

“During these fateful moments, an incredible abundance of yeshuos is poured into this world. Hakadosh Baruch Hu opens the heavens and is mashpia salvation, joyful events, communal yeshuos and individual ones, Torah, good health, parnassah, zivugim, marital harmony, children, and nachas from the children.”

The key to the abundance of the coming fifty years can be found in these moments.

Eliyahu Hanavi revealed this from Shamayim.

Rav Chaim Vital testified to it.

The students of the Arizal were afraid to even mention the sefer Bris Menuchah where this secret is written.

The Chid”a writes ‘in the name of great ones” that this sefer is filled with divine secrets.

“It is auspicious for success,” our sefarim say about this hour.

“It is a time of joy and gladness,” the Ramban writes.

“It is a pipeline of abundance,” writes the author of Bris Menuchah.

Out of fifty years – out of all the years, months, days, and hours – there is one solitary hour that never repeats itself, about which it is written, “This is the choicest of all hours and auspicious for all abundance.” What is obtainable during this hour is unattainable at any other time.

Hagaon Harav Wosner said to the people of Kupat Ha’ir who went to consult with him on the topic of “the ninth of the ninth”:”In Shamayim, they agreed to this eis ratzon.”

The Great Revelation!

In galus, we lost the most fateful “nine,” and we didn’t know what it was. The segulah mentioned many nines. We knew what most of them were referring to, but we couldn’t find the ninth year of yovel.

Four years ago, Kupat Ha’ir discovered the segulah of the ninth of the ninth. That’s when it became known that “nine” was a very auspicious number in Yiddishkeit. Nine is like the key to the pipelines of abundance in Shamayim. The more “nines” that come together,
the more locks to the very highest heichalos of abundance fall away. Because this is what is written in the sefer Bris Menuchah, written by the saintly Tanna’im:

“The ninth hour is an hour of joy and gladness, an hour of minchah. And you should know that the ninth year of the yovel is the choice year, and the ninth month is the month of goodness and ratzon, and the ninth day of the month is the choicest of all the days of the month, and the ninth hour is the choicest of all hours.”

But before Kupat Ha’ir set out to mass publicize this, we investigated and verified every detail related to this segulah from a halachic
standpoint. Regarding the source of the segulah, we learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is from the mekoros that throughout
the generations all the tzaddikim without exception endorsed and confirmed, and so this is indeed a rare, supernatural hour.

The Calculation

Next, we verified the rest of the relevant details.

An entire year is comprised of 525,600 minutes. How could we figure which of the hundreds and thousands of hours is “the” specific,
special “ninth hour” that is an eis ratzon? What is the ninth day and the ninth month, out of hundreds of thousands of minutes? Which
“ninth hour” is the segulah referring to? Based on what calculations?

The rabbanim of Kupat Ha’ir sat down to study and discuss the matter with poskim and talmidei chachamim, those well-versed in astrology and experts in calculating dates, hours, tekufos chamah the monthly molad and leap years. After delving into the topic and verifying halachic details, most of the details became clear.

Regarding the ninth month, the question arose regarding whether the months are counted beginning from Nissan or Tishrei. Maran Hagaon Harav Wosner, shlit”a, ruled unequivocally that the months should be counted from Nissan, which means the ninth month is undoubtedly Kislev.

Regarding the ninth day of the month – It became clear, therefore, that this would be 9 Kislev.

And what is the ninth hour? Kupat Ha’ir asked the rabbanim, each of whom spent many hours calculating. After Kupat Ha’ir received all the various opinions, we discovered something truly astonishing: There are nine minutes that are definitely, according to all calculations, part of the big eis ratzon described in our holy sefarim.

So we already have most of the data regarding the segulah: month, day, and hour.

But one detail was still unclear: what is the ninth year of the yovel? It’s been many yearssince the shofar was blown to signify the yovel and slaves were set free and property returned to its owner. Along with the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, we lost – so we thought – the legacy of the yovlos, so how could we possibly know what is the ninth hour referred to in the holy sefarim?

The more “nines” that join together, the greater the she’as ratzon. Therefore, the ninth hour on the ninth day of the ninth month – is a very special time that should be utilized to the jilt, even if it isn’t the ninth year of the yovel. And that is what we have done until this year: “The Ninth of the Ninth” has become a familiar concept, a recognized time for prayer. No one knows how to calculate the yovel nowadays.
How might we figure out when is the ninth year of the yovel? Did anyone keep tabs on the calculation of yovel from the time of the Beis Hamikdash until today? What are the chances that we will have the merit of praying precisely during the ninth year?

The Ninth Year

You know the type of person who just never gives up? There are those who try to find the tcheiles of the chilazon, the shamir worm, the lost Shevatimon the other side of the Sambatyon. At Kupat Ha’ir,someone set out on a feverish search for that fateful yovel year.

Finally, the stunning truth came to light.

This year, 5774, is the first time since the “Ninthof the Ninth” segulah became known to thepublic, that all the factors are coming true!this is the first time, and also the last in the next fifty years. Because this year, according tomany Rishonim, is the ninth year of the yovel!

In tiny letters, the Rambam in sefer Zeraim, hilchos shemittah and yovel, perek 10, halachah 4, presents the calculation of the yovlos according to the Geonim and the Rishonim, among them the Ra’avad in theSeder Hakabbalah, the Yesod Olam, and apparently,the Bris Menuchah was in agreement as well. According to the opinion of many geonim and Rishonim, yovel exists today. There is a calculation of yovel even though it is not holy.

The yovlos were counted since the times of the Beis Hamikdash. Although they no longer retain their former holiness they were counted for the sake of calculation. And according to the calculation appearing in the Rambam, the last yovel was 5765.
Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, writes in his peirush, Derech Emunah (siman katan 137) that the year 5756 is the 40th year of the yovel, and 5765 is yovel.

If so, we have an astounding revelation here! If we know when yovel is, we can count nine years and know precisely which year is the ninth year of the yovel, the most unique and auspicious year of all!

And when you count nine years from 5765, you see that we are truly fortunate! The ninth year of the yovel, so auspicious to receive G-dly shefa, is this year, 5774!

This year, for the first time, everything is valid. All details have been verified; everything is in place. The last time this special eis ratzon occurred, your grandparents were parents and you – maybe you hadn’t even been born yet. The next time will be fifty years from now.

Every reality has its innermost, holiest point. Eretz Yisrael is the holiest country in the world; Yerushalayim is the holiest city in Eretz Yisrael; the Beis Hamikdash was the holiest building in Yerushalayim; the Kodesh Hakodoshim as the holiest spot in the Beis Hamikdash.

Out of fifty years, we have entered the gates of 5774. We traveled through a time tunnel and arrived the ninth year. In that year, out of  twelve months, we have reached the heichalos of the ninth month – Chodesh Kislev. We counted with great anticipation until we reached  the most special day – the ninth day, and when it comes, out of the twenty-four hours that comprise it, we will focus on the ninth hour.

And in the heart of that special hour, there will be nine minutes during which, according to all calculations, Hashem chooses to open all His treasure houses to anyone who comes prepared with vessels to contain the goodness.

Kupat Ha’ir

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  1. One of the biggest frauds perpetrated on our felliw frum yiden. Such stupidity leads to more apikorsos than internernet and all goyishe new missionaries.

  2. 1 – so when are the 9 minutes? When do we start counting the hours from?

    2 – Is this only eretz yisroel time or is this Oitzar of Bracha open all day and in each time zone depending on where you live?

  3. Just one question on all those calculations; shabbos in america is counted from shikiyah in america, not shikiyah in yerushalayim which is 7 hours earlier. So shouldn’ t the 9th hour be the 9th hour of where you are, not the 9th hour as it falls in yerushalayim. If this is the case then the 9th min of 9th hour in lakewood should be 1:56-2:05 or 2:16 -2:25 depending if ??? ??????? is 5:25 or 5:44pm.

  4. The biggest Segulah is to daven with kavana and to do whats right. When one starts to get carried away with segulois and mysticism one forgets the true source of all brochoh and that is the Ribonoi Shel Oilam

  5. What time is the 9th hour in NY? How is the 9th hour calculated? I would thing it should be 3 houres of shaot zemanios from chatzos which is mincha getana but where are they geting 6:44-6:53 from??

  6. The biggest kasha is: If this is something that is more rare than birkas hachamah, why are we just finding out about it now? The internet started pushing this story just yesterday. Shouldn’t this have been a much anticipated event? Even matzav got in on the act only a few hours before the actual “eis ratzon” was scheduled to begin.

    Second, everyone who mentions this “segulah” links back to this same piece that apparently has been circulated by Kupat Ha’ir (or at least in their name). No other original material on it seems to be available anywhere. No one else spoke of this eis ratzon.

    Third, the Ramban is quoted. Does anyone have a source for this Ramban?

    Finally, if you google the phrase “ninth of the ninth” you will learn that it is an auspicious time for AVODAH ZORAH according to many Asian religions.

  7. When Matzav covers up our true comments, you show your total immaturity! You are a bunch of 18 year olds who dropped out of high school, got a few dollars from Daddy, and started a website! YOU are part of the problem! You are still under the heavy foot of —–! Bunch of losers

  8. You will find this mentioned in the Bris Menucha written by R’ Avrohom Mehrimoin Hasfardi. The edition that I have was published 5719 in Yerushalayim and it is on page 51.

  9. A friend recently shared links to this same “segulah” being advertised by the tsedakah a few years back, and then a few years before that. Something sounds off here.

    Tshuvah, tfillah utsedakah are our segulah.

  10. The text is misleading.
    R Chaim Vital in the Hakdama only says the Bris Menuch had Eliyahu Hanavi come to him.

    All of this 999 stuff is only in Bris Menucha

    Where, I do not know because none of the advertisments give a Mareh makom

  11. I love the new way of “Yiddishkeit”! I used to have to do Teshuva if I wanted a personal Yeshua from my tzaros. Now, all I have to do is SEGULO’S! No changing my ways, no doing teshuva. Its great. Just got to go to Uman, Meron, Brachos,

  12. I don’t understand, if this is the 9th year since the last yovel wouldn’t shemittah have been two years ago? Unless that’s a different calculation somehow.

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