Sefer Torah Missing At Yeshivas Yoreh Deah



    • Hi goy!
      Apparently that’s what you are…
      How dare you say who cares about a stolen Sefer Torah!
      A sefer torah is one of the most precious things in the universe! If a huge world renowned museum that contained the most precious diamonds had a robbery and the most expensive diamond worth millions of $$$ was stolen, YOU WOULD CARE! And the whole world would as well!
      This is besides for the fact that a sefer torah (especially a Sefardi one as in this case) is worth thousands of $$$.
      Please reconsider commenting ever again.

    • What do you mean ‘get over it, who cares’? Yes, we all care except for you. What do you think, it’s a toy car purchased in the Dollar store? Kol yisrael areivim, if one Jew – in this case being that it’s a Sefer Torah and involves many – has such a loss financially and emotionally, shouldn’t you also care?


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