Sefer Quotes Baal Hatanya as Saying that “Kugel Can Accomplish as Much as Shofar”



  1. wow. we got some bridges for sale

    so we are assuming anyone who didnt eat kugel on shabbos RH from the end of the churban until kugel was brought into jewish culture (probably from poor russians) didnt have kaparah on RH.
    luckily theres another bridge crossing the Hudson that’s for sale.

  2. yeah, if you can have the Kavanos of those Tzadikim when you eat kugel, then, yes, it can probably accomplish a lot. The way “we” eat Kugel – probably not… Ksiva V’chasima Tova to everyone!

  3. What it’s saying, is that we see when Rosh Hashana falls on Shabbos we don’t blow shofar, and what is usually accomplished by the shofar is accomplished on Shabbos-Rosh Hashana by every part of the Shabbos – even the kugel, for those Tzadikim who do everything לשם שמים. – That’s all.

  4. “הלא כך נהוג שאם חל ראש-השנה להיות בשבת אוכלים קוגל ואין תוקעים בשופר”

    And on a regular Shabbos people don’t eat kugel?

  5. that matzav should be machshol klal yisroel with leitzonus before rosh hashana is abominable. whatever inyan they may have had when and if they said it, it should not have been printed and repeated by anybody who doesn’t have an inkling of what it means – hence leitzonus. for example: anonymous wants to know about the people who didn’t eat kugel. hey genius it means any type of “pashtida” that is a zecher of the mon.

  6. The sefer referenced actually misquoted the Baal HaTanya by leaving out a crucial word. In every true quote of the baal hatanya the word bederech halatza or bederech tzachus is quoted. The original intent is that observing Shabbos fully can accomplish the same thing as tekiyas shofar – when Rosh HaShana falls on Shabbos. This is pshat in Rashi on Rosh HaShana daf 11.

    What teh Baal HaTanya was saying was that when chazal forbade blowing shofar on Shabbos lest one carry the shofar to an expert – the shmiras shabbos that klal yisroel shows can accomplish the very same to’eles. He was bringing this holy point out with humor by saing – “by eating kugel.” The fact that this sefer left that part out did a disservice to the holy baal hatanya and to the concept of kavod Shabbos.
    May we all have a kesiva vachasima tova

    Rabbi Yair Hoffman


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