Sefer Peninei Sugyos Released


yaakov-moshe-shurkinThe popular “Sugyos Chaburashiur, delivered at Bais Medrash Kol Yehuda in the Brook Hill neighborhood of Lakewood and broadcast regularly here on, has just been released in a sefer format.

For close to two years now, a group of baalei batim has been meeting each Sunday morning to start off their week with iyun & lomdis. The “Sugyos Chabura” takes place Sunday mornings at Bais Medrash Kol Yehuda in the Brook Hill neighborhood of Lakewood. Shachris is at 7:55am, followed by breakfast. At 9:20am chavrusas are arranged and the chaburah learns a sugya from distributed mareh mekomos. At 9:50am until 10:30am a lively shiur on the sugya is delivered by R’ Yaakov Moishe Shurkin, author of Biur Achiza B’eikev al Teshuvos Rebbe Akiva Eiger. The shiur focuses on Lomdis, with much pilpul chaverim of all participants interacting during (and after) the shiur. All are invited to join.

Often, the sugya of the week is related to that week’s parsha, such as “Tchum Shabbos” (parshas Beshalach), “Lo Sisa – Brocha Levatola” (parshas Yisro) and “Issur Treifa” (parshas Mishpatim). Other weeks will feature Inyona Deyoma, for example “Is a Sukah in a Neighborhood too Dangerous to Sleep in Kasher to Eat in?“, “Are the Shevarim of Tekias Shofar Straight or Tu-U-Tus?” and “Fillings of Teeth which absorbed Chometz prior to Pesach”. Whereas some weeks will cover other diverse topics, e.g. “Ein Mevatlim Isur Lechatchila“, “Zman Krias Shema” and “Eidi Kiyum Lekiddushin“. With all shiurim stressing the Lomdis.

A focus of the shiurim is also placed on the Teshuvos of Rebbe Akiva Eiger, including shiurim on the Rebbe Akiva Eiger’s teshuvos on “Chazaka D’Rava (for what can one rely upon a 13 year old boy to really be considered a gadol)”, “Sofeik D’Oraisa that turns into a Sofeik D’Rabanan” and “May a Choleh who must eat Yom Kippur receive an Aliya LeTorah on Yom Kippur”.

Recordings of all shiurim (in English) are popularly downloaded, and are now available on MP3 CDs (call 908-415-1960).

Written copies of the shiurim (in Loshan Hakodesh) are also distributed weekly and have been highly acclaimed for their depth and geshmak, while at the same time being written in an extremely easy to read and follow manner. Little effort is required to read the beautiful clear writing, with all yegiah able to be devoted to delving into the sevaros of the Rishonim and Achronim discussed.

A collection of the first year’s shiurim has now been published under the title “Peninei Sugyos“.  Distributed by Z. Berman Books, LTD, it is available at seforim stores.

One noted member of the chaburah had this to say: “The Lomdishe shiurim by Rav shurkin given over in a “rare” clear & “easy to understand” way – has enabled to turn the Friday night shabbos discussion with the Bocuhrim into  Lomdishe discussions,  or sharing them  with riders to NY on many occasions  – it has brought us back to the blessed yeshivah years for which we are most grateful – this explains why I have  not missed his weekly Sunday Shiur  for over 13 months.” – Yonah Kaufman

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