Security Precautions at Citi Field for Asifa


citifieldThousands are expected to gather at Citi Field today to attend the asifa organized by Ichud Hakahillos. While those gathered explore the negative impact that technology may have on our youth, Misaskim, along with hundreds of security personnel, will have all their resources available to ensure the safety and security of all attendees.

Misaskim was tasked with coordinating the security detail for this event due to its extensive ties with members in the law-enforcement community. Weeks of planning were involved in this operation. Misaskim played a key role in communicating with and updating law-enforcement personnel.

Chief Diana Pizzuti of Patrol Borough Queens North has given her utmost in ensuring that all that is needed will be available. Citi Field is under the jurisdiction of Patrol Borough Queens North. In addition, numerous other agencies from the NYPD participated in coordinating this security detail.

The following agencies participated in a final coordination meeting on Wednesday, May 9: The Police Commissioner’s Office, The Chief of Departments, The Chief of Patrol, The Chief of Transportation, The Counterterrorism Unit (in charge of securing the perimeters around the stadium),The Transit Bureau (maintaining order on the subway and bus system), The Highway Patrol (in charge of managing the large volume of traffic before and during the event and to accommodate all vehicular special needs), Special Operations Divisions (in charge of all emergency services during the event),Task Force Unit, The Intelligence Division (in charge of monitoring intelligence before, during and after the event), Community Affairs, The Bomb Squad Unit, The Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU), The Mounted Unit, The Aviation Unit, Disorder Control and Traffic Control.

In addition to the NYPD, other city agencies involved are The Mayor’s Office, The Parks Department, The Department of Transportation, The FDNY, EMS/Hatzolah, The Office of Emergency Management, The MTA, The NYPD Legal, The Sanitation Department, The TBTA and The Department of Environmental Protection, which will assist in monitoring the air quality throughout the event.

Back-up plans have also been put in place should the need arise. Special consideration is being given to the fact that many attendees are not familiar with Citi Field, or any stadium, and have probably never been there before. Over 400 buses are expected to arrive at the arena on Sunday, transporting participants from across the tri-state region. Special parking arrangements have been arranged as the number of buses expected is an unusual occurrence at the arena.

Throughout the planning stages of the asifa, Misaskim worked hand-in-hand with its partners, Rabbi Abe Friedman, Rabbi Simcha Bernard and Rabbi Raphael Treitel. These individuals are thoroughly aware of Misaskim’s with the law-enforcement community. Mr. Ari Frankle of A&F Productions is in charge of all technical details of the event. Information about tickets and buses can be obtained by contacting Ichud Hakahillos. Misaskim is not involved and is not in a position to assist in any matters that are unrelated to security.

It is obvious that the city is taking every precaution and bringing forth all its resources. Misaskim and its partners would like to request that those who plan to attend should offer their full cooperation in order for the security to be effective. The following are several tips that can go a long way in accomplishing this goal.

Standard security procedures generally employed at the arena will be fully utilized during the asifa:

  • Make sure to arrive on time and allow additional time for all security screening procedures.
  • All attendees must be searched with a metal-detector wand before entering and/or pat-downs will be carried out when necessary.
  • No frozen fluids will be allowed at the event.
  • Bottled liquids must be sealed.
  • All bags will be screened at the security checkpoint. It’s advisable not to bring excess baggage.
  • Be sure to follow the directives of the ushers, who are trained to guide people during large-scale events.

Law-enforcement is aware of the planned protests by various groups during the asifa. They have emphasized that there will be zero tolerance of any disorderly conduct and offenders will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Citi Field security personnel will oversee the security during the event alongside the agencies mentioned above. Hatzolah has had numerous meeting with members of Citi Field’s EMS team. There will be over 80 Hatzolah members at the event working in coordination with Carona Ambulance services.

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  1. Kol Hakavod to all the groups involved in tzorchei tzibur. This should be a good test run before the Siyum Hashas which is expected to have double the amount of people.


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