Security Guards for UTJ Leaders, Internal Strife May Doom Party


litsmzan-poruch3Personal security guards are becoming a regular installment in the Yahadus HaTorah-United Torah Judaism party, as three of the party’s leaders, Rabbi Meir Porush, Rabbi Yossi Deutsch and Rabbi Yaakov Berger, have been assigned personal security details recently supplied by the police.  Some claim that the backdrop for this move is the Yerushalayim municipal elections and the hullabaloo surrounding the fact that some in the frum community did not back Meir Porush, the frum candidate, but rather the secular Nir Barkat.

During the time of elections, much anti-Porush propaganda was published.

In some chareidi circles, there were those who declared that they would vote for Shas rather than UTJ in yesterday’ selections because of their anger with those in the chareidi community who opposed Porush. This could very well be why UTJ remained at a paltry 5 seats in yesterday’s election, according to most polls. In fact, Shas election offices were even set up in many chareidi cities that typically vote UTJ.

Rabbi Yaakov Berger of UTJ said that he has been flooded with malicious telephone calls recently.

“Anonymous callers are calling my house, threatening to beat me up and kill me,” he testified.

According to him, it is clear that the day will come when he will be assaulted. “I am certain it will come. In the meantime, the police have assigned me a security detail, but I am not afraid and continue to work for United Torah Judaism,” Rabbi Berger asserted.

{Yair Newscenter}



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