Secular “Yeshivos” to Open in the US


Israel’s Bina Jewish Movement for Social Change is opening a secular “yeshiva” in Palo Alto, California, after opening four similar institutions in Tel Aviv, Yerushalayim and Be’er Sheva since 2006.

Hundreds of youngsters participate annually in their “yeshiva” programs. Sadly, the pintele Yid of some Jews may be waylaid to the institution’s 90-minute weekly classes and never get a taste of true Yiddishkeit.



  1. These Reformed followers are always trying to fool Jews and non-Jews alike with their phony version of Judaism. Remember, Reform is not Judaism. It is a made-up concoction of rules and practices decided upon by a bunch of phonies who call themselves “Rabbis” at their annual conventions. They prey upon the uneducated and unaffiliated Jews and non-Jews and try to convince them that the practices and laws that they made up is Judaism, when in fact, it is not. Reform is not Judaism. Never was.

  2. What is their acceptance policy? What will they charge for tuition? Will there be any scholarships available? Free soup kitchen? Will they have safe spaces? Gender neutral bathrooms? What language will the students be taught in?

  3. when in Germany they started calling rabbis by the title of “DOCTOR”the treu Guedolei Yisroel said: When rabbis are being called doctors, is a sign that jewdaism is sick”
    the same can be applied when calling “secular” yeshivos….

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