Secular Media Already Downplaying Attendance at Atzeres Tefillah


atzeres tefillahThe secular media have wasted no time in in downplaying attendance at today’s atzeres tefillah. Yediot Achronot is reporting that an “estimated 300,000” people took part in the anti enlistment tefillah rally at the entrance to Yerushalayim.

Thousands of police officers and border policemen, commanded by Maj.-Gen Yossi Fraynti, were on the streets from the early morning hours around the Central Bus Station and the nearby International Convention Center, at the site of the asifa.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. were u there mr. facts i was there and i no that those are not the facts there were closer to a million ppl than to 300,000

  2. Hey, its obvious there aere less than 600,000 because the special brocheh with Hashems name was NOT said. Even thou Harav Silberstein paskened it should. Its a no win situation , if its cold its due to global warming , if its hot its global warming. If a lot of people are said to have been there, its the exaggerated amount from the organizers. If few people are said to be there , its the police false statements. How does one win

  3. think logically. if there were 1 million people there, primarily the men. when adding the women it would be nearly double or 2 million. take off 25% for under 18 individuals who cant vote, we are left with 1.5 million people. then add all hundreds of thoiusands of people from bnei braq, up north, etc who couldnt attend.

  4. Yes, you are correct.

    The accurate number in attendance at today’s rally was really 750,000.

    DUH. So what?

    The new draft law will pass next week with more than 70 votes in the Knesset, and you will either serve or lose your funding.

  5. and if it was only 300,000???? is that not a kiddush hashem? Lets see the “freierim” pull together such a crowd in such short notice. or for that matter in any lengh of time. Just look at the funeral of the guy who pagered a few weeks ago (whats his name sharon) how many people were they able to pull together after pushing it off a day ????????????/

  6. And the facts are that if you don’t serve in the IDF or do national service you will lose your funding.

  7. #1:
    That depends who’s reporting them.
    At the last huge atzeres about 14 years ago, CNN reported 500,000. The secular Israeli media reported about half that number, and said that at the concurring secular demonstration in Gan Sacher, there were 50,000. Gan Sacher only holds about 20,000 people – at sold out concerts – and aerial photos showed that there was plenty of room to move around.

  8. I don’t understand. How do you know that secular sources are underestimating attendance? Maybe charedi sources are overestimating attendance?

  9. Why are you surprise that a Bracha was made?
    You think R’ Chaim Kanievsky and R’ Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman would let that bracha be said if they didn’t think it should be said???

  10. RE COMMENTS OF no 3 & 5 , We must remember WE MUST DO OUR PART..LET HASH-M DO AS HE PLEASES.WE BELIEVE WITH THE STRENGHT OF THOUSANDS DAVENING TOGETHER WE HAVE POWER TO CANCEL ANY DECREE!..Sometimes we don’t see the answer we want but still believe the only way we can change anything is through prayer..& when thousands of Jews all around the world gather together in unity from all backgrounds,it is bound to have an affect!

  11. #15 you are assuming they were asked. As a far as I see from the matzav pictures neither of them were anywhere near that dais. I firmly believe in emunas chachaim.

  12. First of all the law is to impose criminal sactions- not withhold funding. and its not about serving in the army- they dont even want them (or have room for them) it’s about attacking yeshivas and Torah, and that we cannot allow

  13. I heard some scientists said thaqt there were so many people there the the planet earth tilted by a thousads of a degree on its axis nu this is mames gevadig this tilting could mean the end of global warming.

  14. The origin of the Million Man March was the term and movement coined by the preeminent American Haman of our time Louis Farakhan. The idea taken from this snake and used by frum people makes me sick.

  15. #9…a little more respect. We don’t use the word ” peiger
    on any yid, frum or not. I don’t care what faction or what yarmulke you wear, but respect is respect and you blew it.

  16. Baruch Hashem there was a tremendous increase in Kvod Shomayim! This is the Ikur! For all those who are upset/jealous that so many Bnei Torah answered the call of Daas Torah, we say, too bad on you! Do real Teshuva before its to late! Just like in Mitzrayim, 4 fifths never made it out (see Makas choshech), the same is going to be the case when the final geula comes! Either join Kavod Hatorah now or be lost forever!

  17. A simple calculation to figure the number of ppl in attendance, the chardi number 600,000 + the cheloni number 300,000 /2=450,000.

    charadi population of isreal approx 10% total population approx 6,000,000 (women and children included). men and some woman and children 450,000 seems like a possible number. 600,000 not so much.


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