Secular Jews Defended The Kosel


The Winners Auction House is currently auctioning a letter sent by the Zionist Organization to the general secretary of the League of Nations in regard to desecration of the Kosel.

During Yom Kippur 1929, British officers interrupted tefillos at the Kosel, beat worshippers and removed the mechitzah. The leaders of the secular Zionist Organization then wrote to the League of Nations to ask for their involvement, using religious terminology to explain the significance of the issues involved.

“It is necessary to explain that Yom Kippur is the most sacred day of the year for the Jews, and the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, when the event with the police occurred, is the most significant prayer of all the prayers of the day,” they wrote. “The Western Wall is the most sacred location of the Jewish Nation since the destruction of the Holy Temple.”

They also complained about the degrading conditions at the Kosel, noting that “the Jewish nation believes that the Permanent Mandates Commission will recognize that it conflicts with their philosophy and spoken expressions to limit the Jewish worshippers to a narrow alley (28 meters long and 3.6 meters wide), including the fact that… many poor people… enter and leave… through the small space set aside for Jewish worshippers, while holding loads on their shoulders, and often passing through with loading donkeys.”

Also up for auction is a typewritten letter from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1959, when the Kosel was in Jordanian hands. The document lists historical and political reasons why Jews should have free access to the Kosel.

 { Israel News}


  1. Who do you think gave religiuos jews control over the Rabbanut? Who do you think? Stop casting Zionists as abstract of recognizing jewish history!


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