Secular Israeli Media Jumps All Over Alleged Runaway Chosson Story


chupahJust like Yair Lapid never met a microphone he didn’t like and Barack Obama never met a scandal that he didn’t capitalize on, the Israeli secular media never met a story about chareidim being painted in a negative light that they didn’t like.

Yediot Achronot jumped all over a story about a young couple reported from Mea Shearim whose wedding  was recently canceled on the eve of the event  after the chosson “escaped” – in the word of Yediot reporter Moshe Heller – from the banquet hall just moments before the chasunah.

The incident, continued the Yediot report, began on the night of the wedding, which was scheduled to take place at a banquet hall in Bnei Brak. Just before ceremony, the chosson decided he was not “interested” – again, the language used by the Yediot reporter – in getting married and began leaving the place.

His relatives tried to convince him to stay, while the kallah “sat with her friends inside the hall reciting Tehillim” for the success of the “negotiations.”

The banquet hall’s manager “alerted a rabbi, who tried to talk to the chosson as well.” The report continued: “Some of the guests tried to forcibly continue the dancing with the hopes that the confusion would soon be resolved, but the incident led to a commotion which nearly resulted in physical violence.”

“The baffled wedding guests,” Yediot tells us, “were asked to return to their homes and were told that the wedding would take place on a later date. One of bride’s neighbors said her parents were wrong in their decision to marry her off to a guy they didn’t even know, claiming that was the reason for the cancellation of the wedding.”

A friend of the family, which is affiliated with Breslov, Yediot shares, said that the young chosson had voiced concerns of incompatibility between him and his kallah ahead of the wedding. He had asked to postpone the wedding, but was pressured by his relatives to go ahead with it, as they were certain he was just suffering from cold feet and did not think it would eventually cause him to cancel the wedding altogether.

Yediot writes that “the unusual event” in the chareidi society spread by word of mouth, reaching social networks in recent days.

In the secular world, any wedding, and any sustained marriage, is the “unusual event,” to be sure.

So no, we won’t get coverage of the tens of wedding staking place without incident in chareidi communities across the Holy Land.

But one alleged runaway chosson and we get the story splashed across the pages of Yediot Achronot.

It’s par for the course by now.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. So if a guy realizes the mistake prior it is news, and if he realizes it after, and gets divorced, it isnt?

    Do I understand the article correctly?

  2. You know, you’re right that this isn’t really a news story and certainly not unique to Charieidm. Brides and grooms get cold feet all the time all over the world.

    However, the line “In the secular world, any wedding, and any sustained marriage, is the “unusual event,” to be sure.” is a cheap shot and totally uncalled for (not to mention the fact that there are *plenty* of marriages in the “secular world” which stand the test of time.

    The Wolf

  3. Well that’s the old saying in journalism: “Dog Bites Man” isn’t a headline; “Man Bites Dog” is.

    It’s why every plane crash is reported but car crashes rarely are.

  4. B’H there is nothing more pressing for the Israeli media to dwell on like Iran racing to nuclear weapons or civil unrest elsewhere in the region or our peace partners wishing to make their hoped for state Jew free!

  5. This happens anywhere or to any community, people, group in the world. But, we know, of course, the meaningless hatred of the leftist seculars against the religious who will make a mountain out of a mole hill anytime, just to besmirch them. This type of thing happens daily throughout the rest of the world, but is very, very rare amongst the chareidi community, so the Yediot yellow journalism took advantage of this sad situation. The hatred for the chareidim and religious has gotten even worse since the latest election.

  6. I want to thank Matzav for pointing out the association and similiarities between Barrack Obama- scandals and Yair Lapid-love for attention, and this Chosson getting cold feet and pulling out of his marriage. It is all the same. What a brilliant analogy you made Matzav.


    “The banquet hall’s manager “alerted a rabbi, who tried to talk ”

    to perform the wedding.
    in bnieBrak there would be a dozen rabbis present. maybe more.

    so”The banquet hall’s manager “alerted a rabbi, who tried to talk ”

    something is still wrong Sherlock

  8. What do you expect from people who have been deprived of Torah and Mitzvos? Maturity? The ability to relate to the Torah community with deference? Why would you expect that?

    Instead of holding them to a standard of ahavas yisroel and ahavas torah that most people within our community dont live up to , why dont you get over it? You know how the Yetzer Hara influences a person. THats all that is happening here. They have a yetzer Hara, and no frum person has succeeded in reaching out to them yet and helping them understand life a little more deeply.

    We have to take responsibility for this. We havent reached them. Its our responsibility to help them be deeper, more truthful, more spiritual, more profound people and to stop expecting them to realise it on their own.

    Stop hating them for the fact that they should know better. Start loving them for the good that they do, whatever it is, and if you want to be angry, be angry at how long its taking to be mekarev them and how unfocused on their suffering, the suffering of a Jew without Torah, we are as a community.

  9. @AML
    Really? I rarely ever hear of a runaway bride/groom story unless its by word of mouth. My friend told me about one with a goyaishe coworker where the guy left before the ceremony and she disappeared soon after. Never made the paper in my city.
    This story is all about the secular media beating up on the chariedim.

  10. I absolutely agree with the comment from “Anonymous”. Its very obvious that the article was written with a negative tone to rip on charedim and not as just a “interesting story” one finds on american news such as cnn or fox. This is clearly another attack on charedim.

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