Second Judge Rules Against Trump Administration On Ending DACA


For the second time in as many months, a federal judge has barred the Trump administration from ending the Obama-era DACA program next month.

U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in New York ruled Tuesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had “erred in concluding that DACA is unconstitutional” and granted a preliminary injunction sought by state attorneys general and immigrants who had sued the administration.

The Justice Department had no immediate comment on Garaufis’ ruling.


Read more at Fox News.



  1. I have an immediate comment on the ruling. The guy’s a leftist hack. He’s doing what all the leftist religion adherents do – they believe nothing is more important than their cause and they’ll stop at nothing to procure it.
    It’s not possible for the constitution to be talking about people who aren’t american. The left has twisted what this country is about beyond recognition, besides the insanity of everything they preach. [Pushing immorality, financial suicide, demographic self destruction – I know this sounds like some doomsday speech but the lgbt agenda they don’t stop stuffing in our faces, borrowing and taxing for an endless, bottomless list of entitlements that is IMPOSSIBLE to pay for – people, if it’s not next year then it’s in five years or ten, but the economy must implode, which means chaos, instability, etc. not good. Why? because the dems needs voters. So if americans won’t vote for them let’s import people who will be dependent on them, and they’re guaranteed millions of votes. NY, Cal., etc. is a giveaway for the dems. Basically, they’re destroying the country for their sick wants, and silent majority are like sheep being led to slaughter in the name of the religion called progressiveness.
    they’re so kind, to haitians, africans and arabs. I guess if the unborn babies could vote for them, they wouldn’t be so keen on murdering them when it’s inconvenient.
    To wrap it up: Democrats = Leftists = Evil. It’s plain and simple

  2. What an idiotic ruling by this activist judge
    He first makes up that it’s constitutional then makes up that the Predient can’t rescind an executive order unless he gives a good reason


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