SeaWorld Trainers Won’t Swim With Shamu


shamuSeaWorld trainers will no longer be swimming with Shamu. In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, SeaWorld said it would not appeal a citation it received after a trainer Dawn Brancheau was pulled under by a killer whale in 2010. The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission found SeaWorld in violation of federal workplace safety law and effectively banned trainers from swimming with the whales.

Now, trainers will only be able to swim with killer whales behind the scenes to acclimate them to humans, but not in front of crowds. SeaWorld’s reputation has suffered since Brancheau’s death and the documentary,Blackfish, came out in 2013. Its shares are also trading at its lowest price since it went public. Read more at NBC6 South Florida.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Let them killed behind the scenes???
    Maybe we should outlaw firefighters form going into buildings because some have died……


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