SeaWorld Phasing Out Killer Whale Show


whaleThe San Diego SeaWorld plans to get rid of its killer whale show next year, as complaints have mounted about the park’s treatment of the animals.

In its place will be what is referred to as a new orca experience which will focus carrying a message of conservation for attendees to follow.

There have been efforts at both the state and federal level to stop the breeding of orcas in captivity. Read more at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Yeh. I say they should let all of those poor trapped fish they have in those huge tanks go free. Fish were meant to roam the seas free from humans. While we’re at it, they should close all the zoo’s in this country and make it illegal. What right to evil humans have to imprison these wonderful animals? When will the Government finally impose on us a heavy “climate change” tax?


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