Updated: Search For Missing Bochur in Woodridge, Rumors Are False


moshe-dresdner[Update below.] A search is being conducted by Catskills Hatzolah for fourteen-year-old Moishe Dresdner, a camper at Machane Beis Yitzchok-Spinka, located on Dairyland Road in Woorridge, NY.

Moshe is described at 5’10″, about 130 pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, black pants, a white shirt, and long dark jacket.

A search is being conducted this morning in the woods surrounding the camp.

While there is no evidence of foul play, the Ulster County Sherrif’s Department hasn’t ruled anything out at this time.

Anyone who has any information regarding the missing youth is asked to call the Ulster County Sherrif’s Department at 845-338-3640 immediately.

Update: The boy has been located in New York City.

Reports on Hebrew language websites about the boy’s demise are false and unfounded. Other rumors are also without basis. The boy is safe.

Further details are not for publications at this time.

{Shmiel Gellman-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. How did he get to Staten Island? Was there foul play? Is there something about safety that was lacking and we ought learn from it? Please post.

  2. Buruch Hashem, Moshe was found, I’m so ashamed of myself beliving a Charedi Israeli website claiming the worst happened to him. I am so gratefull to the staff at Matzav for not publishing my comment which took on the belief of a false rumor from an Hebrew Israeli Charedi sensationalist site, believing rumors as facts. Did they apologise? No not in the least! How dispicable? How low? Everyone be warned the hebrew Israeli frum sites are not to be fully trusted for their news. And only Matzav checks through facts so thoroughly, and doesn’t put up news untill they are 100% certain of its accuracy. Thank you Matzav, and my full apologies for my belief in rumors from that sensationalist site


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