Search Continues for Peretz Sontag


peretz-sontagIt is one week since Peretz Sontag went missing. The 50-year-old father of seven is well known in the frum community for his chesed and service in charitable causes.

Peretz was last seen driving from his home in a 2012, black Kia Optima with New York state license plate FZD-8413.

Authorities pinged Sontag’s cell phone last Friday afternoon, detecting a signal from the device at a cell tower in the Stony Point area, which includes Harriman State Park.

Since that time, they’ve been unable to make any contact with the phone.

Ramapo police have been coordinating efforts with New York State Park Police officers, state troopers and the Stony Point Police Department as well as numerous volunteer agencies working toward Peretz’s safe return.

Anyone with information on Sontag’s whereabouts is asked to contact Ramapo police at 845.357.2400.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. We need to daven
    As far as hishtadlus goes maybe its time to bring in retired navy seals who are trained in finding missing people

  2. it Brings tears to me as I write this, cause I watched the video of his family begging him to return home safe & begging everyone to help assist in the search to find him.

    how soon will he be found? will he still be alive? etc… we hope he will be fine but, everything is in YOUR hands-myself included- depending on how soon we can Accept Hashems wake-up call & start doing teshuva.

    We are constantly in a stage of non-stop tzaros in klal yisroel today, cause nobody is willing to Face reality & admit to Hashem that we will start doing teshuva immediately so that tragedies can come to a halt.

    May he be found ASAP & be safe & healthy.

  3. Soooo sad the unknown is unbearable. Lets as a community pray and undertake whatever one feels needs improvement for a big Yeshua


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