Sean Hannity Linked To Shell Companies That Spent $90M On Property


Fox News host Sean Hannity is linked to a group of shell companies that have spent $90 million buying hundreds of homes across the U.S through the help of foreclosures and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Guardian reported Sunday.

More than 870 homes in seven different states have been purchased over the past decade, ranging from large mansions to rentals for low-income families, according to the newspaper.

Hannity did not disclose his cooperation with HUD when he had Carson on his show last June, the Guardian noted.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Here goes another witch hunt for the dummies!!
    Why would he have to disclose it?
    But dumbbells would not question the dumb headline!

  2. Disclose his Cooperation with HUD?? Hu?? It’s called business and capitalism . Why would he have to disclose this for interview with. Carson? Matzav . Pls stop cutting and pasting liberal garbage with out thinking.

  3. Good for him. Why is it a problem? He’s a business man and a talk show host. Is it a conflict? As far as I know in America they are not mutually exclusive.

  4. It is great that we are finding out about the hidden swamp that Hannity lives in that he has been preciously hiding and denying from his listeners.
    I can’t wait for the rest of his smelly garbage to be revealed.
    The real media is doing great work.

  5. Actually Hannity runs this country. The president listens every day and believes Hannity is the voice of God. We just live here.

    • Ye…right…don’t you remember his name on the ballot? You liberal hater of democracy. Your time is coming…..hold on…the boat is gonna get rocky pretty soon for you.

    • It’s actually the other way around. The president runs Hannity. Hannity used to be a conservative. Since Trump has come along, he has gone the exact opposite.
      He spent years talking about morality, since Trump came along, that doesn’t matter. He spent years talking about fiscal responsibilty, then Trump wants to spend a trillion dollars on stimulus, and Hannity is fine with that. He spent years talking about how Assange and Wikileaks are a danger to our country, but now he flip-flops on that. For years he talks about how great free trade is, until Trump comes along. He thought it was great when Bush led the free world in taking on the evil Saddam and his fellow Islamo-terrorists, but now Trump shows up and Hannity flips again.

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