Sean Hannity Expects Trump To Fire Mueller After Hurricane Florence


One of President Trump’s closest allies said he expects him to fire special counsel Robert Mueller after the threat from Hurricane Florence passes.

According to a transcript and audio clip published by Media Matters for America, Sean Hannity was asked by a listener Tuesday afternoon why “can’t Trump put an end to it?” and replied ” I think all of that’s gonna happen. I think it’s gonna happen sooner than later.”

Hannity, whose show has denounced the Mueller probe and frequently speaks with Trump directly, explained that he doesn’t think the president would make such a move “on a week where 9/11 happened [or] with a big, massive hurricane about to hit the East coast of the United States, that looks like the real deal.”

“But afterwards, I would — I would expect that he will do that,” said Hannity.

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  1. No, he’ll only fire him after November elections. However, if Satan (aka Leftist, Dems) win, he might have to have Mueller continue searching for the Russian ghost until 2020.

  2. Firing is too little too late. Mueller has to be prosecuted, along with Obama, Clinton and senior FBI leadership. Take the fight to the fascist-liberals. There is no other way but to take down these rabid dogs.


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