Sean Hannity Blasts News Shows Over Israel


hannityFox News host Sean Hannity has slammed CBS, NBC, and CNN for ignoring the average Israeli in their news reports on Israel’s war with Hamas while instead airing interviews with representatives of the terror group.

Hannity just spent four days in Israel to speak with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and to see firsthand how Israelis are handling the constant rockets attacks from the Palestinian organization in Gaza.

He told TVNewser that during the interview Netanyahu challenged the international media to show how Hamas is using mosques and hospital to shield their weapons and their fighters.

“Here’s my take on the media coverage, and I did glance around,” said Hannity. “I didn’t see … reporters in the elaborate tunnels. I didn’t see them at the indoor playground, I didn’t see people go to the war room of the mayor of Sderot, like we did.

“I think there are too many Hamas representatives put on the air. I don’t think enough emphasis has been put on the lives of the average Israeli. Where’s CBS? Where is all this so-called reporting on NBC and CNN?”

Hannity also hit back at Stephen Colbert for poking fun at him on “The Colbert Report” over his liberal use of the word “literally” during his TV coverage in Israel.

He told TVNewser, “There are issues that just aren’t funny. Terrorism isn’t funny. I didn’t see the bit. I won’t see it. I don’t care. Maybe Stephen Colbert needs to come over here [to Israel] and get a dose of reality. He sits in the comfort of his studio, reading jokes written for him by 30 writers.

“So, I have a challenge for Stephen Colbert: I’ll pay for your flight. I’ll pay for your hotel, your meals. Then you sit on the border. You talk to the people. You sit across from the mother of an Israeli soldier who was killed, and then make a joke about it.”

Hannity added, “I stayed two days on the Israeli-Gaza border … going to an indoor playground because the kids can’t go out, where rockets landed five minutes before the cease-fire. It gives you perspective of how dire the situation is.”

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  1. This is one of those clarifying times when we see who our friends and enemies are. Sean has proved himself to be michasidei umos haolam and will be rewarded by Heaven.

  2. Right on, Sean!!!
    If all your listeners get your message, America would have a more fair attitude to what their closest ally endures.


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