Sderot House Hit After 2 Wounded, IAF Pounds Gaza


sderot-rocket1A rocket fired from Gaza Strip hit a house in Sdreot Friday afternoon, no injuries were reported in the attack. In response, the IAF renewed its attacks on Gaza Strip.

The attack came after air raid sirens wailed in Ashkelon and in Gaza-border communities almost without end since 8 am, with more than 40 rockets and mortars fired on Israel within four hours; two casualties were reported.

Shortly before noon, Gaza militants launched a salvo on the Sdot Negev Regional Council – six rockets fell in open areas. Two people were injured – a soldier and a civilian – from a rocket near the entrance to a community in Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council.

The civilian is 71-year-old Dr. Nachmi Paz, the director-general of Sapir Academic College. He sustained light-to-moderate injuries and was evacuated to Soroka Medical Center.

The soldier, 20, is in light condition. He was hurt in his lower limbs and evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center.

Thirty minutes after the salvo that injured the two Israelis, Gaza militants scored a direct hit on a structure in Sdot Negev Regional Council. The building was damaged.

At 8 am, when the ceasefire officially expired, a rocket was fired on Ashkelon from Gaza. Iron Dome intercepted the rocket, as Code Red sirens blared in Hof Ashkelon and Eshkol Regional Councils. The rocket fire has not ceased since that time.

During one of the salvos, a few homes in Sha’ar Ha Negev were damaged by shockwaves and shrapnel.

As of 10:25 am, the IDF was holding its fire. Shortly after, political sources said that the prime minister and defense minister ordered the military to decisively respond to Hamas’ breaking of the ceasefire. The IDF began attacking Gaza around 10:40 am.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for part of the salvo on communities in southern Israel.

Two rockets fired from Gaza landed in open areas in Eshkol Regional Council earlier on Friday at 4 am, hours ahead of the expiration of the 72-hour ceasefire that ended a month of violence, the IDF said.

A senior official says Hamas has decided not to extend the ceasefire with Israel because Israel has rejected all of the group’s demands in indirect talks in Cairo.


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