Scientists Advance Toward Cancer ‘Vaccine’


New York scientists have taken a promising step toward creating a life-saving cancer “vaccine,” researchers said Monday.

A small clinical trial at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan showed lymphoma patients who were given the treatment recovered successfully — and that some went into full remission for months or years, according to the study in the journal Nature ­Medicine.

The immune system-boosting vaccine, which is not preventative, teaches the body to recognize tumors and attack them, according to a statement put out by the ­hospital. The treatment must be now tested in larger trials before it can become FDA-approved and hit the shelves.

Read more at NY POST.



    • I agree. Who needs all these new vaccines when we can easily get a turkey-feather/rattlesnake-fat poultice from a local shaman?

    • Nut jobs are those who inject themselves with dangerous substances only to be exposed to someone with measles and then contract it themselves as adults but much much worse and then have to be hospitalized.


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