Schumer Tells Trump To Stay Out Of Florida Recount


Senate Democratic Majority Leader Charles Schumer on Tuesday said if President Trump wants an honest and fair election, he “will stop bullying, harassing and lying about the vote in Florida and let the election precede without the heavy hand of the president tipping the scales of justice.”

He urged Florida election officials to count every vote in the Florida Senate race currently undergoing a recount and predicted that Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) will be re-elected if they follow through.

“President Trump and Gov. Scott seem dead set against counting every vote. Why? Because they’re worried if every vote is counted, Bill Nelson will be re-elected as senator from the great state of Florida,” he said, referring to Nelson’s opponent, Rick Scott, the Republican sitting governor.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. It’s interesting to contrast Senator Schumer’s passionate statements concerning something he cares deeply about, i.e. the Florida elections, to something he cares little about, including whether it lives or dies, i.e. the state of Israel.

  2. That’s funny. Schumer tells the President to stay out of Florida, then he himself goes and starts giving his opinions on who is going to win.

    • It’s even better than that. President Trump is President of the entire USA, which includes Florida. Senator Schumer represents New York, which doesn’t include Florida (the state, not the Catskill town).

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