Schumer, Officials Push To Stop Fake NY State Driver’s Licenses From China


chinese-drivers-licenseMore and more fake Chinese-made driver’s licenses are ending up in the hands of underage New Yorkers, and officials wants to put an end to it.

“We’re seeing kids as young as 12-years-old, ODing on alcohol. That’s a tragedy,” says Rockville Centre police comissioner Chuck Gennario. “Young kids cannot handle their booze.”

He was joined by Sen. Charles Schumer on Tuesday, and the two are calling on the major wire transfer services to help Homeland Security cut off cash payments to these unscrupulous foreign license makers.

“We’ve always been able to rely on government identification as being gospel. A person shows you a New York State driver’s license, that’s who they are. Now, law enforcement has to question, is that the person?” says Gennario.

“These IDs are nothing more than a free pass for underage kids to get their hands on booze and the consequences unfortunately can be very deadly,” says Schumer.

{AP/ Newscenter}



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