Schumer: No Talks With Trump On Shutdown


Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer on Monday said there has not been any talk with President Trump or GOP leaders on how to avoid a government shutdown, adding that Senate Republicans have “no idea what President Trump wants.”

Schumer said he and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi are still waiting to hear back on the offer they made to Trump last week: either a one-year stopgap funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security or a one-year stopgap for the seven unfinished appropriations bills, which cover nearly 25 percent of the federal government.

“Unfortunately since our meeting last Tuesday, Leader Pelosi and I have still not heard from the White House whether they will accept either of these options,” Schumer said from the Senate floor. “Nor have we even heard from our Republican colleagues in the Senate or House about what they might support to avoid a shutdown. Not a peep. They’re nowhere to be found.”

“What’s the Republicans’ plan? They don’t have one, they don’t know what to do,” Schumer added. “In the scuttlebutt, where we talk to one another, Senate Republican leadership has no idea what President Trump wants. Neither does House Republican leadership.”

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  1. Really Chuck? why don’t you press rewind and listen to the little meeting you had in the oval office last week?
    The President made it pretty clear that he wants Border Security (The Wall)…

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