Schumer: Negotiating With Trump ‘Like Negotiating With Jello’


Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer on Saturday blasted President Trump as an unreliable negotiating partner, fuming that working with him is “like negotiating with Jell-O” after a failure to secure a deal to avert a government shutdown.

“I told the president we Democrats were willing to fund the military at the highest levels in history, far above even his budget request,” said Schumer, who said he also offered to put Trump’s request for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border “on the table” at a White House meeting on Friday.

But then, Schumer said, the president changed his mind.

“Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with Jell-O,” Schumer said, drawing a comparison to the wobbly gelatin dessert.

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  1. And laws from liberals are like a heavy cheese cake. It looks good and tastes good. But after ingestion, you feel the negative side effects

    • That’s neat. I can take that. I am a democrat. If you like the cheese cake, eat it. Shavuous is great. We just spent 49 days in self improvement and a republican wants to take it away? No way.

      Democrats rule wise minds. Trump decimated Hillary. Can you say decree? I can. She is not to ever be the model for politics. Small luck. The good plan was a woman ahead. She just failed. Trust in Hashem. We can see more cheese cake. Too bad she just tried to serve it to you on cardboard. It would have eaten well.

      Nuff said.

  2. This is really cute. I get it. Mr. Trump is so bad that the democrat knows he will never settle down.

    Well, there is a very simple place in history for jello. In the box or in the mold. If you do not take it out of the box to mix with water, you can assume you can leave it on the shelf and promise history that your next president will not agitate the table so much as you try to war over the problems you can not fix within your party.

    So, Mr. Schumer, pass the latkes, grow some yiddish sideburns and pretend that the American voter is not your god or creator. You might pick the strongest jewish future and then go to the table. Perhaps the L-rd will serve your problem back to you in a fashion that you can maturely discuss with Mr. Trump.

    Its real. With G-d all things are possible. The worth is never to take your eye off the cake.

    And if you want jell-o politics, willingly add the water and refrigerate your cool thought. It could be yours for the problem can be.

    Just a hunch. Deal with the jell-o. You poured it yourself.

  3. Schumer and the crooked democraps know that giving amnesty to 2 or 3 million illegals will keep the democrats in power for a little while longer. They will do anything to stay relevant at this point. The American electorate are beginning to wake up and realize that the democrats are crooked liars who are only interested in themselves. They pander to Jews and talk down to us as well as to Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities who they have no use for. They are worse than Communists and Socialists because with Commies and Socialists you know that you will get nothing but with democraps you listen to them promise you the world and you dream but you end up getting little or nothing at all.
    Read the current article about democrap Senator Patty Murray. Her Chief of Staff recently told a group of staffers that “This office is not interested in Anti-Semitism.” Read it yourself.
    I was at an event in Washington, DC a couple of months ago where this Idiot Senator Schumer told the audience of mainly Indian-Americans (from India) that he recently attended a Hindu-Jewish wedding. He pandered to this audience by calling it a “HinJew” wedding.
    Start reading real news and you will see what kind of garbage these democrats really are.

  4. If anyone is an unreliable negotiating partner, it’s you Mr Schumer!!! You are a corrupt EVIL HYPOCRITE RACIST. In 2013 you were frantically against government shutdown. Just because you need these illegal DANGEROUS immigrants for votes you don’t care about the security of the country. SHAME ON YOU!

  5. Chucky,
    you are not used to negotiating with a real businessman.
    It appears he is in your head.

    Get this, he managed to Brand this shutown the “Schumer Shutdown” after you and your well endowed nose.

    As Trump says, Its a beautiful thing.

  6. It’s the Democrats who are jelly. They have jelly in the belly. Trump has guts so the democrats paint him as nuts. America is way better off with Trump than the pants suit hillarey and her gang of losers.

  7. Positive feelings for a person are somewhat like a pendulum – when and if you find out you were wrong, your new perspective doesn’t return to neutral, but it often swings correspondingly to the other side. This is true for interpersonal relationships (love/hate trust/distrust) and, in politicians’ cases, with respect.

    Senator Schumer is someone I used to respect, because despite his political leanings being on the other side of the spectrum than mine, he was a strong, consistent voice supporting Israel and his Jewish brethren. Ever since his abandonment of Israel in their hour of great need, specifically the Iran deal, I’ve had nothing but contempt and loathing for this selfish, partisan, useless hack. He is a despicable political opportunist, epitomizing the worst characteristics of a stereotypical politician. Rather than doing what’s best for his country or constituents, his eyes are solely focused on what’s best for him and the Democratic party.
    Shut down the government and hurt many people? Absolutely! As long as it may make people angry at President Trump and the Republicans. That’s Schumer, ladies and gentlemen; what a guy.
    The sooner people like him are out of office, the better it will be for our entire country.

    FWIW, lest you think my vitriol is reserved only for Democrats, Chris Christie is another individual who my views have similarly shifted on. Fortunately he’s now out of office, hopefully never to return to any position of power.

  8. These politicians are starting to get worried the the american public see them as self fattening politicians who do NOTHING for the country but only what in for themselves.. Trump is here for the people and they are getting nervous that their incompetence NO talent – all Talk approach is coming out of the woodwork. Stay tuned!

  9. Jelo= flexible object easily willing to change its form or shape.

    Chochom- if you want to argue that someone isn’t flexible pick a stiff hard object in your mashal.

  10. The SCHUMER SHUTDOWN will be remembered for a long time!

    I hope voting Americans will open their eyes and see what a fraud Schumer and the democraps are!


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