Schumer Calls For Safer Children’s Medicine Bottles


tylenol-medicineNew York Sen. Charles Schumer today called for safer packaging for children’s medicine bottles in order to help prevent an estimated 10,000 emergency room visits a year.

The New York Democrat said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission should require so-called flow restrictors on bottles of children’s medicines such as cough syrups and painkillers. The flow restrictor is a type of safety valve that fits into the neck of a bottle and slows the release of fluid.

“Flow restrictors will save lives, save money from reduced emergency room visits and cost almost nothing to implement, so the question is, why on earth wouldn’t we require they be used?” Schumer said. “We believe the FDA and CPSC have the authority to get this done, and they need to get started right away.”

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Thank you so much for informing the public of thus post post. It is very important in a home with numerous children to have such safety bottles.
    After much research 3 weeks ago, i found that in Boro Park where I live, the newly opened pharmach The Medicine Chest on 15th Ave, already provides these safety restrictors on all liquid medicines they prepare in the containers.
    It is also very important to have because it enables you to more accurately measure each dose of medicine given to your children.
    Again, thanks for the community minded information.


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