School To Worried Students: We’re Prepared For This Hike


Two days before the hike of the Bnei Tzion pre-military preparatory academy in the Negev, the educational staff sought to reassure the students who were to participate in the ill-fated trip and made it clear that the trip would take place as planned and that they would not be in any danger.

Correspondence obtained by News 2 reveals that the school staff downplayed the dangers of the inclement weather. When was student asked if the trip would occur despite the weather, the student was answered: “As some of you have noticed, some of the days of the trip may have rainy weather in the south, and the trip will still going on.”

The response continued: “Do not worry. We are well-prepared for the trip and will coordinate with the appropriate bodies. It will be a wet and fun experience.”


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Arrogant liberals who make a lot of empty statements and take so called responsibility and this is not the first time that they are willing to play with people’s lives

    • Disgusting comment. Most of the people who perished were Shomer Torah and Mitzvot, as were the school’s administration.

      And I am sure you know that frequently during Bein HaZman periods, many, many kids from the Haredi world go to unsafe places and have to be rescued by the Police and IDF.

      It is exactly why, with comments like yours, the vast majority of Israeli Jews can’t stand the Haredim and wish that they would just disappear.

  2. To Jeremy are you kidding first of all I was talking about the organizers second of all a picture of one of the girls inappropriately dressed was not religious so what r you talking about all I do ntended was that the organizers were too willing to play with other people’s lives I can’t believe that any rov would have sanctioned going out in these conditions


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