School Ditches Confederate Namesake, Renamed After Obama


A predominately black public school in Mississippi that was named after Jefferson Davis now has a new moniker: Barack Obama Magnet.

Officials revealed the new name on Tuesday night, saying school stakeholders had voted to make the change earlier this month. Read more at NY POST.




  1. What a dumb school board. Why would they name a school after Barry? He didn’t accomplish anything to make the lives of black folks easier. Exactly the opposite happened. Obama and Holder set race relations in this Country, back 100 years. He pitted black against white. How has Mr. Obama improved the lives of blacks living in Garfield Park? He put his stooge, the white mayor, Rahm Emanuel to make sure more blacks get murdered. Dumb stupid worthless people.

  2. Life can see a violent past can be returned to a seat with a good hope. There is much hope for a Barack Obama Magnet. Willing human futures can respect a feeling that achievement is spoken and wise the voting public.

    Seems kosher.


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