Video, Photos: Vizhnitzer School Bus Stolen Last Night Found Today On Tracks After Train Crashed Into It


The bus, belonging to the Vizhnitzer Cheder, was stolen from New Utrecht Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

The bus was found on MTA subway tracks this morning when a train collided with it.



  1. thank gd no injuries.
    school are guilty of illegaly parking their busses on the street at night. The only place thats legal is a block where there is their school. They endanger the safety of pedestrians and as much as you call the schools they just dont care. The 66 precint is in cahoots with them. Hopefully one day the swamp will be drained!!

    • Ha ha ha, I’m a bus driver, until the parking issue is not solved an we have parking for our buses, we will do whatever we want, please try not to get a heart attack!!!


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