Schabas Vows To Investigate Israel For U.N. With Or Without Government Cooperation


prof-william-schabasProf. William Schabas, selected to head the United Nations Human Rights Council inquiry into Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, has vowed to conduct his investigation with or without the cooperation of the Israeli government. Schabas’s U.N. appointment has come under fire over his perceived bias against Israel.

“I might even come to Israel to examine things from up close,” he told Israel’s Channel 2. “When the U.N. gives us its final approval-and we hope this will be very soon-we will begin our work. It’s very important for us to come to Israel, but this visit won’t be important if the authorities in Israel don’t cooperate with us, despite my hope that they will cooperate.”

In the past, Schabas has made comments implying that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu needs to be brought before an international tribunal for war crimes. In response, Israeli officials have called the U.N. inquiry “a kangaroo court.” Israel has also called for Schabas’s replacement, but he has vowed to remain in the lead role for the investigation.


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  1. I think the UN should Ismael Haniya investigate Israel who is funding these UN Anti-Semitic clowns where is the investigation of all the ARAB countries without exception they Just beheaded an American Journalist and more to come so all the phoney journalists who remain know how to report from the “DEMOCRACIES” of the middle east(ages) they still think and act the 7th century barbarism

  2. Is he married to Linda Reade, the Rubashkin judge? They both seem to be similarly impartial! Goldstone was the shadchan!??

  3. Looks like he is Jewish according to the Forward. Plus he does have an agenda:

    This barrage shouldn’t have surprised Schabas, the son of a prominent Canadian Jewish musician, who fondly recalls visits to synagogues and family meals at Jewish delicatessens. He may — as he has noted — visit Israel frequently, actively oppose an economic boycott of the Jewish state and sit on the board of The Israel Law Review and on the advisory board of a London-based Jewish human rights group.

    But the scholar has never made a secret of his views of the Israeli government’s policies and of its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Schabas has, among other things, publicly described the Israeli leader as “the greatest threat to the survival of Israel.”

  4. Is his first name CHilul? The best way to handle him is to ignore him and make him come via Syria.He could inspect the left over poisin gas


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