Scary: Flight Lands In Iran With 20 Israelis Onboard


turkish-airlinesA Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Mumbai was forced to land in Tehran today after one of the passengers fell ill. For the Israelis onboard, time ground to a halt.

After a prolonged wait on the ground, the airplane returned to air and back on the path to the Far East – with all 20 Israelis still onboard.

A terrifying drama ended peacefully, but the young adults on board will have a thrilling story unlike any other to tell their grandchildren.

Flights of foreign commercial airlines from Israel and to it do not fly in Iranian airspace. In addition, IDF prohibits its people to fly with foreign airlines above enemy states such as the Islamic republic.

Six years ago, a similar event took place, as an Israeli from Rehovot, who also flew to Mumbai on a Turkish Airlines flight, had a rushed, unintended visit to Tehran when the plane experienced a technical malfunction.

“At first I was very concerned, I was scared to death,” said the Israeli passenger in Iran. “But they were very nice to me and even invited me to visit Tehran again. I told them, ‘Let’s make peace, I invite you to come to Jerusalem.'”




  1. I think this story is a bit overblown. The Iranians have clearly stated that they have nothing against Jews. Its the State of Israel they hate! They even invited Jews to come live in peace in Iran. Iran has a large Jewish population. Based on what’s taking place in Israel now with the impending imprisonment of Yeshiva students who simply want to sit and learn, the Iranians aren’t the only ones who hate the Israeli Government! I would be more concerned about Israelies taking a Turkish airline. The Turkish Government still hasn’t apologized to Israel for ignoring the ban they had on importing weapons to Gaza!

  2. Dont see the big deal. You think they’ll just storm the plane and snatch them away?! If they want to risk getting an A- bomb dropped on they’r heads they would rather risk it for they’r nuclear program, not kidnapping a few innocent passengers of a foreign airline

  3. Chasdei Hashem. This could have ended badly. The Jews on board should bensh Gomel, and make a se’udas hoda’ah.

  4. It would have, chas vecholilah, been quite easy for the Iranians to hold some of the passengars and accuse them of being spies of war criminals. Any Israeli military officer could have been schleped into an Irania kangaroo court and arraigned. Boruch haShem, they all made it out. Once they were out, it is easy to say it was no big deal.

  5. #1 Do you mind explaining why the turkish not appologizing to the israeli government has more to do with jews than the Iranians hatred towards israel? But I do agree that ths story is overblown because the Iranians are not just going to come onto a plane and take all the jews hostage if they wanted to start a war with israel they have better ways than that.

  6. #1, I don’t thik that you are speaking “The Truth”. Don’t be fooled, the Iranians hate all yidden. They may cloak their hate in hating the Isreali gov’t, but they are Sonai Yisrael of the worst kind. to say that there is a “large Jewish population” is an overstatement. Most of the Yidden living in Iran have fled. they are officially not persecuted, but in truth, they are forced to go to government schools on Shabbos. The 13 Yidden who were jailed in the 90’s had nothing to do with the israeli government.


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