Scary: Chareidi Family Directed by Waze into Arab Village


A chareidi family traveling home from Meron to Kiryat Sefer was directed by Waze to an Arab village in the West Bank. From there, they were guided by local Arabs to the Ramallah police station.

Ayelet, the mother of four children aged 3 to 8, related that Arabs in the West Bank village immediately realized they were Israelis because of their yellow license plates (the PA issues blue plates) and were soon surrounded by a growing mob. Palestinian drivers yelled at the family to follow them and led them into the heart of Ramallah to a building Ayelet’s husband recognized as the police station where two soldiers were lynched seventeen years ago.

“We were in shock,” Ayelet said. “We couldn’t grasp what was happening. They took us to some room, taking away my phone at the same time. The place was full of armed men, some in uniform and some not. They fidgeted with their weapons the whole time, raising them irritably towards us… One of the armed men didn’t stop smoking opposite our kids and deliberately blew all the smoke in the face of one of the children, but we didn’t dare tell him to stop.

“After about half an hour, a Palestinian police officer came and returned our phones and ID cards and told us to follow him,” she said. “… [Israeli] police on the phone told us that they were waiting for us at the Chizma checkpoint. When we reached the checkpoint, we saw that a Palestinian policeman had bought our car there.

“Only after arriving there did we realize the pandemonium [we had caused]. There was a whole army there, emergency vehicles, an ambulance and a large number of jeeps. The officer there told us that they were already on their way to enter with all the soldiers to evacuate us, but at the last minute the Palestinian officer announced that he was on the way with us so the army didn’t go in.

“I would like to thank Hashem for saving us and sending the police and the soldiers and everyone involved in this,” she concluded. “Many frightening things passed through our heads, we hoped it would end well, and boruch Hashem we are home.”

{ Israel} 


  1. Very shocking! WAZE has a very pristine reputation especially in Israel, home of the Israeli who masterminded the entire WAZE before he sold it to Google for nearly 2 billion dollars.

  2. Don’t use Waze in Israel!! This is not the first or second or third time similar incidents have happened!!! Until the anti-Semitic company recognizes that arabs and their towns and villages are mortally dangerous for the majority of the country’s residents, don’t buy Waze.

  3. I never downloaded their stupid app. I only use Google maps. It’s very accurate and easy to use.

  4. There is a setting on WAZE in Israel that says to avoid Palestinian authority controlled areas. I’ve used it and was totally fine. You just need to activate that setting and you’ll be ok.


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