Scared: Clinton Says DOJ Investigation Would Be ‘Abuse Of Power’


Hillary Clinton on Wednesday warned that if President Trump directs his Justice Department to investigate her role in a 2010 sale of a uranium company, it would be “a disastrous step into politicizing the Justice Department.”

“This is such an abuse of power,” Clinton said in an interview with Mother Jones, following reports that the Justice Department is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate.

“I regret if they do it because it will be such a disastrous step to politicizing the justice system,” she said. “If they send a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust our justice system.”

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  1. Hillary, of all people, shouldn’t be accusing anyone of abuse of power, except for herself, her husband, and certainly her former boss.

  2. The witch is getting scared. Over 1100 comments from The Hill worthwhile reading.
    “Hillary: Calls for Investigation Into Me ‘Personally Offensive’ – It Would Be ‘Abuse of Power’ Like In a Dictatorship”
    Over 2700 comments worthwhile reading.

  3. Yes, Hillary, are political criminals – including women – immune to justice? The entire world is waiting for justice of this Criminal-in-Chief. How many more people will your murder for this investigation?

  4. She is not scared at all.
    She has been cleared in all the investigations against her.
    It is a Republican fantasy that she has commited crimes.
    Can we count how many Trump associates have already plead guilty or will eventually plead guilty?

  5. You bet. She is right on the money. The results of such an investigation will surely show abuse of power – of Hillary and her husband and of course Obama.

  6. you can launch an investigation it won’t get anywhere. knowing the clintons all this time you can bet everyone involved is already successfully blackmailed. and anyone who shows a sniff a non compliance will have a suicide note next to him.


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