Scarborough: Conspiracy Theories Make America Less Safe


Joe Scarborough on Thursday blasted Republican lawmakers who are voicing concern about political bias at the highest levels of the FBI, claiming their efforts to protect President Trump will ultimately hurt the agency that is responsible for protecting American lives.

“When these conspiracy theories are spread for political reasons and solely political reasons to protect the president who is not worth your protection with your lies, you are only making it more difficult for our law enforcement officers to protect your family and mine against Islamic terrorism and homegrown terrorism that you supposedly fear so much,” said Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“So just stop it. Get out of their way. Let them do their jobs and let the chips fall where they may. If Mueller overreaches, we will be the first to say so. The press will be the first to say so. Just stop with your conspiracy theories because you are making America less safe,” he continued.

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  1. IOW, the Republicans shouldn’t present conspiracy theories about the FBI’s investigation of Democratic conspiracy theories.
    Just as an aside, the administration that was by better than any other at painting negative facts as “conspiracies” was the Clinton administration. Remember Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy”?

  2. News that the public learns from Real News / Alternative News / Rightwing News that don’t add up to the official Mainstream Media phony stories brainwashing the gullible public or concealing from the public is deemed “Conspiracy Theories”.

    As for an example of REAL CONSPIRACY THEORY:
    Mainstream media’s conspiracy theories that Russia interfered in the election and that Trump colluded with the Russians and continues this conspiracy investigation for almost a year, makes America the laughingstock of the world.

    • 4 people have been criminally charged with 2 pleading guilty, so far in Mueller’s investigation and you think that it’s all a conspiracy ?
      Michael Flynn pleaded guilty in December to lying to the FBI about conversations with Russia’s ambassador.
      George Papadopoulos plead guilty in October to making a false statement to the FBI after he lied about his interactions with foreign nationals, including two Russians, with ties to the Russian government.
      Rick Gates and Paul Manafort have plead not guilty.

  3. Conspiracy Theories promoted by Right Wing republicans
    1) Obama was born in Kenya
    2) Seth Richs death was a DNC hit
    3) Pizzagate
    4) Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination
    5) Intern’s death in Joe Scarborough’s office was his fault

    All republican conspiracy theories are bogus and are plays to the base that would love to believe them. They are usually laughable. But accusing the FBI and the DOJ of a conspiracy based on flimsy evidence is beyond the pale.


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