Scandal: Israeli Restaurant Served Pork Instead of Beef


An upscale restaurant in Tel Aviv has been accused of deceiving customers in a lawsuit charging the establishment of listing dishes as containing beef in the menu, but presenting unsuspecting diners with pork instead, Arutz Sheva reports.

According to a class-action lawsuit filed by attorney Nataly Swery, the Zepra restaurant on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv regularly served pig meat in dishes advertised as beef. Swery made the discovery after eating at Zepra in February 2013, Arutz Sheva says. Afterwards, a former employee of the restaurant informed her that she had in all likelihood been fed pork, even though the menu clearly specified the item contained beef.

Zepra does not bear kosher certification.

A private investigator was hired to help determine if the pork claim was valid. Indeed it was.


{ Israel}


  1. Pirk or treif meat …whats the certification is no certification.
    They are mechallel shabbos and worry about pork?

  2. The case for kosher supervision is clear.. Why would anyone who cares about kashrus eat in an establishment without a reliable hechsher?

  3. Mrs. Brute- Obviously the patron who ate there does NOT care about kashrut – he is just charging that they are misrepresenting items- serving oiso Dovor when client requested and was told that it was beef that he was served.

    • Mrsbrite ,Anonymous,

      Overly simplistic .

      While many Israelis do NOT care all that much about general kashrut
      However they categorically still will refuse too eat and are repulsed by outright Chazer

      We should be striving to keep it this way, instead of joining the cynics

  4. THE worst part is that in the US you could sue them and drive out of business

    In Israel the most they are going to get a slap on the wrist

  5. The obvious point is if you can sue somebody then sue them even though you deserve what you got because you really don’t care about kosher anyways

  6. Every Mitzvah stands on its own and there is no group discount rate for Mitzvos or Anveiros.
    If someone refrained even once from eating trief they are given credit even for that once.
    It is beyond our understanding how this works in the Heavenly CourT but certainly we could
    have some compassion for someone who wasn’t given the Chinuch we have been given but
    still wants to avoid Trief. My understanding is that there might be levels of Triefus as well.

  7. That is why I am a vegetarian, until you can prove to me that the meat is truly kosher I don’t eat anything that has blood in it. Fish is the highest animal I eat, plus dairy products and eggs with white shells so they can determine, when they check the eggs that there is no blood in the eggs, gives me the protein I need. Also vegetable products with protein is needed to keep up health. People should try this sometimes instead of griping about restaurants that you are not sure of.

  8. Being a vegetarian in Israel doesn’t help you from a kashrus standpoint. Eating fruits and vegetables not properly ma’asered could be as bad, or worse, than treifus.


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