Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Tuition Bill or Car Lease


toras-chaim-toras-emes-auction[Link below.] Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Toras Emes is preparing for its fantastic Chinese auction which will be offering stupendous prizes for your enjoyment. The event will take place on Sunday, May 6, at the Toras Emes Ballroom in Miami Beach, but you can participate tight here online and have a chance to win some of the fabulous prizes.

The grand prize is a $10,000 tuition break anywhere or a car lease of your choice. $10,000 will be paid over 12 months to the school(s) of your choice (including seminary or yeshivos in Israel). Use it for your own family or give it to someone as a wonderful gift. Or, win $10,000 towards the car lease of your choice.

You can “Split The Pot” and win half the cash in the pot – 1 chance for $10, 3 chances for $25, or 5 chances for $36.

Click here to read more about the auction prizes and to purchase tickets. Don’t wait!

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