Saudi Prince Tells Investors He’s Taking On Religious Extremists


At an event Tuesday in Riyadh meant to highlight the kingdom’s influence in the business world, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said Saudi Arabia was returning to “moderate” Islam and intended to “eradicate” extremism.

This in a country that was founded on an austere form of Islam and has been defined by it for decades. The remarks seemed aimed at religious ultra-conservatives who have been tolerated by the ruling Al Saud family in exchange for their support.

“We are only returning to what we used to be, to moderate Islam, open to the world and all religions,” the 32-year-old prince said at the conference in the capital. “We won’t waste 30 years of our lives dealing with any extremist ideas. We will eradicate extremism.”

(c) 2017, Bloomberg · Donna Abu-Nasr, Vivian Nereim



  1. “We will eradicate extremism.” The kind that inspires terrorists to fly hijacked jetliners into buildings? The kind that causes Jews to be banned from even entering Saudi Arabia? Prove it.


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