Satmar Rebbe’s Letter Banning Voting In Israel To Be Auctioned Off


The Kedem auction house in Yerushalayim revealed the original letter of explanation from the  Satmar Rebbe, Ravi Yoel Teitelbaum, against participation in Israeli elections on election day.

In the letter, written in 1951 prior to Israel’s second national election, Rav Yoel compared participation in Israeli elections to supporting missionaries and determined that taking part in the Zionist government is worse than idolatry.

Maron Aran, one of the owners of the Kedem auction house, notes, “This historic letter is one of the first documents in the dispute that is accompanying our people to this day. The fact that until today many lives still exist in light of these arguments and these positions make it even more fascinating and important.”

The letter will be auctioned after Pesach.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Thanks for not doing this before yesterday’s election! We needed every vote lest the Rasha Lapid and his cohort Gantz win and form their government with the arabs.

  2. The results of yesterday’s elections in Israel prove once again how wrong Rabbi Teitlebaum was.

    The Haredi parties won 16 seats in the new Knesset, and it is predicted that the number will increase to 20-25 by the next election.

    You know what that means?

    More money for Yeshivas, Kollels, and Seminaries.
    More power to keep non-Orthodox Jews from making decisions about the Kosel, Kashrus, and busses running on Shabbos.
    And a bigger “voice at the table” on matters regarding IDF service for Haredim.

    Satmar was wrong in 1951 and they continue to be wrong in 2019.

    Describing the “Zionist Entity” as “idolatry” is beyond contempt.

    Perhaps the modern-day Satmarim should try to solve their own problems instead of focusing in on what is happening in Eretz Yisroel.

  3. The Holy Tzadik was right! Look how much we are suffering today! He saw all this happening! Shame on the zionists! The younger generation may be considered tinok shenishba….but there are unfortunately many apikorsim there! Causing so much bloodshed and ripping out the core of yiddishkeit in the idf and yeshiva bochurim movement. Shame zionists!

  4. To Bruce:
    Don’t say the Satmar Rebbe was wrong, because you are definitely not one to speak against someone of his stature.
    The fact that there are other Gedolim who disagreed is fine. They were Gedolei Yisrael-just as he was a Gadol B’Yisrael.
    Eilu V’Eilu Divrei Elokim Chaim!
    The Satmar Rebbe ZT’L also spoke about how much bloodshed there would be with founding of the “state”. You know how RIGHT he was about that? It’s frightening! Once again there are different opinions in Klal Yisrael ( and there always were), but RESPECT the other side, while you follow YOUR Gedolim. If you have a Gadol who disagrees and you follow him- Kol Hakavod. But the Satmar Rebbe had MANY Gedolim that agreed with him, and at least respected his difference of opinion.
    Let’s finally “agree to disagree”. It’s been over 5700 years and we are still ALL waiting for Moshiach. Let’s work together. Sometimes following your own Gedolim while RESPECTING a different opinion ( even if you’ll never understand it) is actually bringing peace. And Remember- the disagreements of the Gedolim have ZERO to do with you. They were GEDOLIM and they could argue- L’shaim Shomayim, but we should stay away from their disagreements as far as we could.


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