Satmar Rebbe: ‘Tear Kriah’ Over Netanyahu


The Satmar Rebbe sharply criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his speech on Shavuot, calling the PM “the head of the minim.”

“My uncle, the ‘Vayoel Moshe,’ said that whoever enjoys the success of the Tzionim is a true heretic and will not merit to see the joy of the coming of the Moshiach and, as idolatry is annulled by calling it a disparaging name, so too here we must speak disparagingly of Zionism,” the Rebbe said, according to Kikar Hashabbat.

The Rebbe addressed Netanyahu’s speech during the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. “Whoever heard the speech of the head of the minim, who spoke in heresy about the coming of the Moshiach, should have torn his garment, and especially when he made ‘Shehecheyanu’ in vain,” he said.

“Today there are various technological tools that people used to see his speech, but with these you can also see the weekly sermons of the Pope. You have to know that this is the same avodah zara.

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  1. Serious question:

    Why does Satmar consider Netanyahu any worse than any secular Jewish American leader? Satmar never protests anything said be a secular Jewish American politician or “religious” leader even though some of them are far worse than Netanyahu when it comes the heresy and leading people astray. Why not?

    Why does Satmar meet with secular Jewish politicians who are even less frum and bigger kofrim than Netanyahu and who fight for things like toavah marriage? Why are secular Zionist singled out for criticism and tearing kriyah?

    • Bingo! Why haven’t we heard a peep out of the Rebbe regarding the Open Orthodoxy?! Why haven’t we heard anything about the ADL? Why do the Satmars consistently support these terrible Liberal candidates who are a lot worse than just being heretics?! Something is not adding up.
      Why does the Rebbe even go visit such a farshtunkina land like Israel?!

    • In the only interview the Satmar Rebbeh (Rav Yoel) ever gave he was asked basically the same question.

      IF I remember correctly he basically answered that he doesn’t think his Chasidim protesting in front of the Russian Embassy will do anything for the Yidden in Russia (The Agudah also opposed protesting there)He doesn’t think there is anything he can do about the secular and anti-frum groups in America. But he does think that his activities against the Tzionim accomplishes something.

      If this doesn’t make sense assume I misunderstood and are misquoting him.

      He was not asked about supporting secular Jewish politicians or the difference between them and an Israeli secular politician (perhaps in his days they didn’t do so)

  2. It seems that Satmarers will be the only ones to merit to see Moshiach and live in Eretz Yisroel. Oh and by the way, one who is in machlokes with his own brother and causes rifts between thousands of people, will he merit to see Moshiach? Just a thought.

  3. I believe that many people today do not even understand the difference between the divrei yoel & the gedolim that participate within the israeli government. All agree that the state is not good & zionism is just another “ism” (in many ways even worse). The question is what to do now that it does exist. The state of Israel is a fact. It exists. Satmar rov zichrono livracha held that we should not have anything to do with them and never take money from them either. However if its pikuach nefashos then even he held to take help from them. In fact he was helped by them in escaping europe. Other gedolim held that we need to do from the inside. (The brisker rov also held that we should not be part of it but nevertheless behind-the-scenes he did guide even agudah)
    The Medina today is a factual existence. If you believe not to take money from them and have nothing to do with them that’s one thing but to deny the fact that’s ridiculous. Today president Trump is doing things that’s good for Israel. Whether we agree or not with the Zionistic state (and I don’t agree) still do we want more yiden to be killed rach”l? Do we want policies of Obama?
    What does the satmar rebbe (reb Aron) want?
    Yes netanyahu made a bracha levatala (and noch without a yarmulka…. even rivlin put one on for it) but why speak against the united states embassy and against trump?

    • How is moving the embassy good for the yidden in ey? It just helps forward the nationalistic goals of the state, and just incites the arabs to commit more terrorist attacks ch”v.
      I agreed with everything you said until the last point.
      By the way, where did you hear that the Brisker Rav had shaychus with the agudah? He said that although its be’etzem a good idea, at the end of the day it’s the ‘secretaries’ that are koveia the seder hayom. Meaning he felt that he would be better off being independent without the input of the ‘secretaries’. (His fears were proven true later on in the early 2000s, vehameivin yavin).

      • moving the embassy will stop people from demanding parts of east jerusalem be part of a future palestinian state!

  4. Half of us yidden live in EY, among them Yereim u’Shleimim.
    This fellow is just spitting venom, based on an outdated philosophy.

  5. Huhh!!! The Vayoel Moshe?????
    His father was the Beirach Moshe and his uncle was the Divrei Yoel!
    Zichroinom Tzadikim Livrocho!

  6. I read your site because its one of the only sites that’s semi-decent (meaning no lashon hora, etc). However, this posting is begging for sins…as you can see from the comments. Whether you agree or not with the satmar ideology and with its leader, it is a very serious sin to speak with such disrespect against a leader of a large group. And lest you start arguing over his status, I dont think anyone has the ability to determine who is great and who is not and its just not worth the risk. I suggest some of you look up the consequences of one who speaks against our leaders. And matzav, please refrain from posting items that you know will lead to such discussion, thanks.

  7. The reason he is so upset with the Medina is because he sees that B’H Torah is learned all over the the Medina .Which means that B’S’D the Messich is coming very soon,even though Satmar thought that Jews are not allowed to live in the Medina until Messich is here.

  8. Why is everyone getting all tied up in knots about this? This is Satmar shita. Has been since day one. He’s not talking to you heathens, he’s talking to his chasidim. And the guy that blabbered this to the public is a lowlife who should rot.

  9. As Orthodox Jews we oppose the tziyonim. We remember that their goal is to uproot Torah Judaism. Remake Israel into a Hebrew speaking Portugal like the late reb Meir Kahane wrote. Yes we yearn for the day that every israeli jewish youngster gets a true Torah education. Yes we strongly oppose gay parades,abortions on demand,tattoo shops and pork stores in our land. We yearn for the day that Israel will be either chareidi controlled and every street will be closed shabbos. Or mosshiach will arrive and turn the keenest into a kollel. In the meantime let’s build up our souls. I myself hold of every Orthodox Jew be they satmar or young Israel. We need to fight the reform. Matzav so far has the least loshen hora and I salute them for it. I think they should publish a story every time a reform rabbit gets killed violating shabbos. This would give the readers a way to vent their anger at the enemies of Judaism. We are not a hundred per cent supporters of natanyahu either. He freed hundreds of Arab terrorists who killed Jews. He is just a politician. Why don’t they release all the jewish prisoners who killed Arabs or gays. Why do they have to rot in jail while serious Arab killers go free. We need more chareidi babies so we can outvote the liberals here and in Israel. Vote Trump 2020. By the way in satmar areas Trump won. Williamsburg and Monroe as well as Boro park,monsey,crown heights,flatbush,sea gate,queens,Staten island all went for Trump.


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