Satmar Kehillos Place Bentzion Miller In Cheirim Following His Prison Release

20 first reported last week that Benzion Miller, the man who set up the three boys from Bnei Brak who were later arrested for smuggling drugs into Japan, was slated to be released on Friday from the Maasiyahu prison after serving just eight months behind bars.

While two of the three boys remained incarcerated in Japanese prisons, Miller was approved for early release by the parole board, thanks to “good behavior” by Miller during his prison stay and taking into account his time under house arrest during his pre-trial period.

Miller had been sentenced eight months ago to three years in prison for his drug-smuggling activities and lying to the three Bnei Brak boys.

But now, following his release, the Satmar kehillah in Bnei Brak has released a statement putting the 31-year-old Miller, of Yerushalayim, in cheirim, excommunication.

Satmar leaders, during a recent meeting, reached the decision not to allow Miller to step into any of their Satmar centers. A statement was released by the askanim that Miller is not to be allowed into any of the institutions of Chasidei Satmar around the globe until he is forthcoming regarding the people who worked behind the scenes, above him, in the scheme to set up couriers to transport drugs around the globe.

Satmar askanim say that there are individuals who used Miller as a middle-man in the full-scale operation of overseas drug smuggling. Miller was utilized to procure the couriers, which, in this instance, he did by conning three innocent yeshiva bochurim with the promise of payment of $1,000 each to simply transport antique Judaica.
While in prison, askanim tried, unsuccessfully, to get Miller to reveal the identities of the people above him.

It is not clear why, even if he would divulge this information, he would be permitted into any chareidi kehillos after his involvement in running an international drugs-smuggling network and lying to the three bochurim. Miller recruited the three boys, one of whom was a minor at the time, to transport over 90,000 pills of MDMA, commonly known as Ecstasy, from Amsterdam to Japan. The three subsequently testified, backed up by lie detector tests and the testimony of others, that he told them they were transporting items of antique Judaica.

The boys were given tickets to fly to Amsterdam, where they were given suitcases with false-bottoms. They were further told that the “Judaica items” were hidden in order to prevent theft and breakage.

During the trial, it was revealed that Miller attempted to enlist various other bochurim to serve as couriers for his missions. The boys said that they were offered a number of destinations for the trip. One was Brazil and from there to China. The second was Singapore. In both countries, there is a death penalty for drug trafficking, but even this chilling detail did not prevent Miller and his cohorts from trying to set up the boys.

The families of the boys in Japan and the askanim working on the case remain furious about the release of Miller, who has walked free while the boys he entrapped remain languishing in jail in Japan.

{Yair Israel/Noam Newscenter-USA}


  1. “It is not clear why, even if he would divulge this information, he would be permitted into any chareidi kehillos after his involvement in…”

    Well, it’s probably a safe assumption that if he reveals that information he’s taking a major step to break away from his criminal crrier. He brobebly now would love to, but is being threatened…

  2. He’s destroyed and ruined that lives of 3 innocent boys and robbed them from their youth and possibility of ever growing up a normal bucher with equal chances in everything that compasses a normal life. He’s also guilty for millions lost in pidyoin shvieem, the surrounding families and parents’ anguish and suffering and not to mention the bitul torah he’s caused. I don’t know what good behavior constitutes in Israeli court system, but I hope this dog is never let live in peace for the rest of his life. He can do teshuva but can never reverse his enormous damage caused, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. To top it off, the Chilul Hesham.

  3. Good move.

    they should also stone him with tomatoes every day.

    What a rasha

    when he does teshuvah, we’ll talk

  4. The only good thing I see is thatm B”H at least in one instance in one sect, an appropriate response to a chillul Hashem has been made, as compared to sweeping it under the rug, blaming it on the goyim or the self-hating jews, or claiming that in reality he was doing a mitzva, but we are too dense to understand. Shkoiach!

  5. i bet he was working for the russian or israeli mafia. cant blame him for not breaking.but either way the question. remaines as to why the israeli prison system let him go so quickly

  6. There’s one life this rat cares about and it is his own! He knows if he reveals the superiors involved in this horrific crime, his head wont remain attached to his body. But I have no pity on him, and praised shall be the Satmerer Chasidim that are making a Kidush Hashem, I still hope this guy does Tshuva, and compensates the poor Tsadikim that sat in that dungeon in Japan, if compensation is at all possible.

  7. Not that my opinion counts or anything, but does anyone know the real story? He is still a person no matter what bad thing he does. Does anyone even think for a second how this is effecting him? Did they come up with a Sanhedrin and mechyev him sekila?
    P.s I am definitely not saying who is right or wrong.

  8. The israeli system is notorious for letting gangsters of all sorts walk off with minor sentences(,whereas A.Deri had to sit for six years).

  9. to comment # 12
    your opinion counts if it makes sense
    you ask does anyone think how its affcting him?
    who cares ?
    did he stop to think for a second and care that he was sending boys with drugs to a country that has a death penalty for drug smuggling?
    no one forcrd him to do it
    the innocent boys did not know its drugsd but he new
    he is a roidef

  10. This just turns my stomach! He should serve each of the full sentences of all the boys put together, in Japan, not in a cushy Israeli/American jail.


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