Satmar Chassidim Protest in Crown Heights


satmar-crown-heights[Video below.] A dozen or so Chassidim from Williamsburg went today to  neighboring Crown Heights, home to a large Lubavitch community, holding up  signs and protesting a store in Williamsburg.

Iris Sherman, a shaitel macher and owner of Iris Salon & Spa at 1416 Kingston Avenue, recently opened a branch on Lee Avenue which caught the ire of these locals.

“Why would you be the first to start such a business in public, thereby breaking the tznius fortress in our community,” one of their signs read.

Another sign declared: “Iris! Please do not desecrate the kedusha of our neighborhood.”

One of the demonstrators, which was a mix of young bochurim and a few elder men, was heard screaming, “We don’t believe in a false Messiah.” (A reference to those who believe the Rebbe is Moshiach.)

An employee for Iris Salon & Spa who spoke to but asked not to be named out of fear of harassment, said they are not concerned.

“Iris has lots of friends and customers in Williamsburg, and they asked why doesn’t she open a store there, close to their homes.

“Then a small group of…people started making problems. But everybody is begging us to stay open. A rabbi even called us asking not to close because women need such a place.”

After protests in front of the store in Williamsburg didn’t help, the vocal group decided to take the battle to the branch in Crown Heights.

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  1. I don’t know if this is the best way to deal with it, but they’re right. Tznius has so deteriorated that it’s practically nonexistent.

  2. B” there Yidden are defending Kedushas Yisroel and tznius, as per Williamsburg community standards. They should be matzliach. From experience we know these heilige yidden will not give up until they are successful, even if that takes many long months or years. B”H in this medina shel chesed, they are fully protected by the First Amendment and freedom of speech to protest (unlike in the Holy Land where the zionist authorities harass protesters.)

  3. I am sure they appreciated the police protection afforded them to protest. In Eretz Yisroel the police would be charging on horseback against innocent peaceful protesters like these.

  4. Storm in a teacup. If the proprietor wants to run this sort of shop in this neighbourhood that is fine. I am sure it is a professionally run and modest establishment.

  5. Despite differences, there is no reason for enmity. Eilu v’Eilu means that as long as two shitos have merit and are sufficiently with precedent/textual backing, there can be room for these differing approaches and shitos.

  6. Lubavitch should stay out of Williamsburg, Boro Park, Flatbush, and so should Satmar stay out of Crown Heights

  7. I am jelous of such people who have time on their hands to participate in such activities. I am so busy trying to make a parnussah and be a frum Yid….where do they get the time?

  8. re #6 I don’t agree
    The people in this article have a point, however maybe this is their nisayon by having this shop opened the article does say a rabbi called and asked her to stay open…she has a lot of ppl. from williamsburg who suggested that she come there. and, lastly Bittul Torah!

  9. Everyone calm down. It’s no big deal. They have every right to protest just like anyone else. AT least they are standing up for modesty. Have any of you big talkers ever stood up for ANYTHING in your entire lives?

  10. number 8- I am really jealous of you guys who make a big parnassa and get the jewels and the kingdom, right? Give people some respect.

  11. I strongly agree with defending Kedushas Yisroel and Tznius, but they should find better ways to fight their cause. Let’s show Hashem that we are “k’ish echad, b’lev echad” in these days leading up to Shavuos and Matan Torah.

  12. Their concerns are concerns. But this is America. Unless there is a zoning law as to what sort of establishments can be established, these fellow yids have really no right to attack her place of business and should do it through professional means. Protesting is really not a professional display. Thats my thoughts so far.

  13. My View – #8:

    Who called her?

    Maybe, Hashem is testing them to give them the opportunity to care more about tznius and not tolerate the tznius problems CH has being spread to their neighborhoods?

  14. they re right tznius has been chiseled bit by bit compare ten years ago to 5 years ago to today
    they re working very hard to keep kedusha in their midst look what s happening to other communities yehi chelki imohem

  15. They won’t give up the good fight until Hashem’s honor has been restored and this blatant breach of tznius has been removed.


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