SAT Drops Obligatory Essays


satHigh schoolers, rejoice! The dreaded SATs just got a major makeover. On Wednesday, the College Board announced it would eliminate obligatory essays, the penalty for guessing wrong, and obscure vocabulary words. Both the SAT and the ACT  “have become disconnected from the work of our high schools,” said David Coleman, president of the College Board.

New programs to help low-income students were also announced, including free online practice tests, and waiving fees for applications to four colleges. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. One more level down as, again, we bow to mediocrity. Why shouldn’t everyone know the definition of sagacious or mendacious? Or is it better that everything is “awesome”? That’s an “excellent” vocabulary choice that describes all things to all people. Here we go again, encouraging ignorance and illiteracy across North America. Sad.

  2. More of the Obama mentality to lower the standards so that “everybody” can have a shot at the top colleges. As a result, in the future when a “minority” doctor’s degree says Harvard or Yale, you’ll know exactly how (s)he got in.

    Anyone been to City College of New York lately? That used to be the Jewish Harvard. That is until the “minorities” claimed that they were being discriminated against. Now you won’t see a Jewish or any white student on the campus

  3. I would think that the essay optional is like a fathering of only the neglect of poverty for better dispelling of ghastly choice. Who thinks that we need lazy college idealogues?

    And to comment 2:
    You “teach English”? Where? In Saigon? You can not even capitalize the pronoun “I” or the words in the beginning of a sentence. Your eager enthusiasm even creates false additives such as “noo”. Are your writings the purim joke themselves. Currently, I have you classified as lost.

    Go with the ACT I say. But really, this might still be a castaway success as most schools barely have a major criteria for the really average students true aptitude these days.


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