Sanzer Chossid in Dream: Don’t Talk During Davening


R’ Dovid Moshe Yisraeli, a Sanzer chossid from Ashdod who passed away last year after a severe illness, recently appeared in a dream to his good friend, Tzvi Cahana. Noticing that Yisraeli looked miserable, Cahana asked him why his painful death had not atoned for his wrongdoings.

Yisraeli replied that there was one sin his suffering had not atoned for: speaking during tefillah. He asked his friend to publicize this in his name as a benefit for his soul.

Notices were placed in shuls to notify the tzibbur of his warning.

{ Israel}


  1. The shulchan oruch has a story of two chassidim who spoke on Friday nights before ויכולו and their faces appeared green. People don’t realize how severe talking during Shul davening is.

  2. You know its funny. I have religious dreams too. They are dream insight.

    This directs our call. Never talk during the Shemonei Esrei. Hashem bosses the dream. The shemonei is his time. Who are we to interrupt?

    Dream well. Light in our days has the impetus and Hashem brings the humor.

    Good story.


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