Santorum’s WWII Doomsday Warning to Voters


rick-santorumOhio – As Rick Santorum makes his way toward a two-man race with Mitt Romney, he has ratcheted up his rhetoric, displaying an increasingly angrier tone on the stump, and painting a doomsday picture of this country that leaves his supporters with a terrifying image of the state of the nation.

The former Pennsylvania senator has almost completely pivoted the focus of his stump speech from his GOP rivals to President Obama.

And he’s introduced a new metaphor that aims to reignite the terror Americans felt during World War II by comparing Republican primary voters to the “greatest generation” and today’s failings of European financial systems to the crumbling of Europe’s cities as Adolf Hitler gained power in the 1940s.

“Remember, the greatest generation for a year and a half, sat on the sidelines while Europe was under darkness, while our closest ally, Britain, was being bombed and leveled, while Japan was spreading its cancer all throughout Southeast Asia,” Santorum ominously told a packed, enthusiastic crowd in Cummings, Ga., Sunday, before traveling back to Ohio to campaign.

The audience interrupted Santorum at least four times with wild applause, loving the red meat he was throwing to the conservative crowd. “We’re a hopeful people,” he continued. “We think, well, you know it’ll get better. After a while you find out some things about this guy over in Europe who’s not so good of a guy after all. … Sometimes, sometimes it’s not OK.

“It’ll be harder for this generation to figure it out. There’s no cataclysmic event,” Santorum concluded.

While Santorum conceded that Obama’s policies were not quite as horrific as Hitler’s war in Europe, the rising GOP front-runner cautioned that the president is “fundamentally restructuring America.”

Santorum, 53, has sharpened his rhetoric in the past week, targeting not rival Mitt Romney, but keeping his sights almost exclusively on Obama. His stump speech has always had a fearful tone at times, but his language has gotten more pointed and angrier in the past few days.

While all the GOP candidates have harsh tongues when it comes the president’s policies, Santorum’s criticism is often more scathing and personal.

Despite his white-hot rhetoric, however, Santorum told a crowd of about 500 enthusiastic Ohioans today that people are looking for a nominee with a “positive message.”

“Someone who doesn’t think that politics is the equal of mud wrestling, but a higher calling, a calling to go out and paint a picture of how your lives here in Steubenville, how your lives here in Ohio and across this country are going to be impacted as a result of the leadership and the policies we put forward,” Santorum said. “We’ve kept to that plan.”

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  1. I agree. While Santorum is talking about how to right the nation, King Rommney is busy tearing down & distroying his opponents! It’s time for Rommney to step aside.

  2. He’s comparing Pres. Obama to Hitler, y”sh? Doesn’t this guy ever think? Most of my friends who survived the Holocaust (and lost all or most of their families) would be appalled. The masters of PR have trivialized the suffering and death of six million Jews and millions of other people just to try to make a rhetorical effect. FOR SHAME!

    Don’t Republican voters deserve someone better than this out-to-lunch idiot?

  3. Really now. Actually The holocaust survivors I know have said of Obama “he gives me the creeps, he sounds like hitler all over again” but that was 3 years ago, can’t say our worst fears have been realized, but Santorum is not wrong.


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