Sanders Gathered Advisers To Discuss 2020 Run


Sen. Bernie Sanders gathered several of his top political advisers in Washington this past weekend to discuss the possibility of running for president again in 2020, Politico reported.

Sanders was a big underdog to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary but managed to win 23 states, narrowly losing the nomination. His advisers reportedly told him he would be a likely front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

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  1. He’d have the backing of Obama, Kerry, Clinton , and the rest of the Democratic machine, not to mention the fawning media.
    Heaven help us if he’s successful !

    • Not so fast. Uncle Joe (Biden) has informed us that he is being overwhelmed with pressure to run. He must run, as he promised his son before he passed away.

    • Hillary did not beat Bernie like fake news is trying to convince you but the CIA preferred Hillary over Bernie and made her candidate by fraud just, like they planned to make her POTUS. But Hashem had different plans b”H.

  2. This guy Sanders is an animal. He is mad and his mind as a real jew is total loss. There is not any jewish kosher thought and he being intermarried dies a failure.

    Good luck again Bernie. You are so despicable that even Trump will not attack you. Very cool move as a jew. Intermarry, shave your face and claim the holocaust is all you can think about as your mind for giving truth for your judaism.

    Gold says even Rigel bets no. Boot him forever. Anticapitalist politics weigh nil in our holy future.

    This man fails. Beware. Do not his politics or way and even wonder how a man to all mention a holocaust was wrong could say nothing about the hundreds of Americans who tattooed his image on their bodies for their hope his victory. He is impure and his wealth poverty.

    Beware. Man of hated economics.

  3. It’s amazing how self hating of a Jew this Bernie is. All the Arabs in America voted for him. I was driving on the highway and even saw an Arab with a Bernie sticker on his car. I drove up and passed in front of him so he can see my Trump sticker on my car. This was a jolly moment for me.


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