Sanders, Clinton Agree to New Hampshire Debate


Democratic presidential contenders Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are set to debate in New Hampshire just days after Clinton’s controversially slight victory in the Iowa caucuses.

“I have always wanted more debates,” Sanders said, after making clear that he required Clinton’s team to agree upon certain conditions for upcoming debates.

“Secretary Clinton in the beginning was not so interested in more debates,” Sanders said. “Now suddenly they’re very interested in more debates.”

Sanders has a sizable lead in New Hampshire primary polls ahead of next week’s primary. Read more at The Hill.



  1. To Charlie Gall: Sanders is takeh Jewish so it means he will automatically be good for all Yidden especially Bnei Torah and Yeshivos. He has said he wants free college for everyone so I’m sure we will finally get the yeshua we were desperately waiting for and have free tuition for all Yeshivos. Wow. Now that I get to thinking about it, maybe Bernie is a Lamed Vov Tzaddik and is really Moshiach! Oh, I cant wait.


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