Sanders Calls Out Amazon After 2-Year-Old Orders Toy Using Echo


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is calling out Amazon after her two-year-old child was able to use the Echo to purchase an $80 Batman toy.

Sanders used her official White House Twitter account on Sunday to complain that the company’s Echo device allowed her young son to purchase the toy by mistake.

“Alexa, we have a problem if my 2 year old can order a Batman toy by yelling ‘Batman!’ over and over again into the Echo,” Sanders, who has three children, tweeted on Sunday.


Read more at The Hill.




  1. She should praise the device which allows anyone, even a small child, to order from the internet easily and according to his/her wishes. As for the bill for the toy, i realize she is upset about paying it, but who else does she think should pay? She is both the mother and the one who let the boy play with alexa. Also, if we ask the delighted child, i am sure he will confirm there was no mistake and he enjoys the toy that has been delivered.
    Double standards have no place.

  2. Mrs. Sanders is an idiot. What does her personal issues have to do with the American people? Making dumb statements like that show that she is such an immature person. Big kvetch. Typical woman.


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