Sanders: America Doesn’t Want ‘Compulsively Dishonest’ And ‘Bully’ President


Sen. Bernie Sanders  knocked President Trump as “compulsively dishonest” and a “bully” during his response to the State of the Union address on Tuesday.

“The American people do not want a president who is compulsively dishonest, who is a bully, who actively represents the interests of the billionaire class, who is anti-science, and who is trying to divide us up based on the color of our skin, our nation of origin, our religion, our gender, or our orientation,” Sanders said.

Sanders added that this “is not what the American people want. And that reality is the bad news that we have to deal with.”

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  1. Dear Bernie,Yeah, that’s true America doesn’t like dishonesty and PC bullying, and is why the American people didn’t elect you!

  2. Look who’s talking about dishonesty. Bernie the Liar, you’re the best proof why the Democrats are such losers and can never win without fraud.

    For the record, 75% of American were extremely pleased and applauded Trump’s SOTU speech while the Democrats did not once applaud nor stand for the President mentioning the National Anthem, the patriots, the monuments nor for anything else. Shame on you!

  3. Well, obviously America does want one. They picked one in 2008, re-elected him in 2012. Then they voted for another compulsively dishonest bully in 2016, and it was actually a choice between one compulsively dishonest bully over another (and thankfully the bigger bully lost).

  4. ” not what the American people want”

    Well apparently the voters don’t agree with your lie. The American people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump.
    What a dumb stupid idiot, this drooling Sanders is. He is just a bitter old douche bag who couldn’t even beat the flawed Hillary.
    Speaking of race, how many blacks does HE have working for him? How many blacks are there in the State of Vermont? I’ve spent at least 6 summers in Vermont and I’ve yet to see a black person. Al Sharpton was right.

    • Trump got almost three million fewer votes than Clinton, so the statement “The American people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump” is a lie.

      • “The American people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump”. Sure did according to The New York Times who reported that Trump won over 80% of the public. Which means Hillary did not win more than 15%. She had over 25 million! fraudulent votes
        Stop reading fake news.

        • Not sure what you’ve been drinking. Facts are, Clinton got more votes.
          But if you really think about it, the Dems split their primary vote between Bernie and Hillary- both of them compulsively dishonest and bullies. On the other hand, the majority of Republicans voted against the compulsively dishonest bully (Trump only got 44% of primary vote) in the primary, and only voted for him in the general election because Hillary makes an even more dishonest bully than he does. Which means that while close to half of the Republicans may have picked a dishonest bully as their first choice, the entire Democrat party picked dishonest bullies as their first choice.

          • Your “facts” are all taken from Fake News. The same Fake News that reported close polls between Hillary and Trump before election. Can’t believe people still read Fake News and even more shocking is that people believe it @#$%^& Nebech!

  5. What do you want Bernie, a reflection of you ? Communist socialist weak vulnerable disrespectful (Chas V Sholom) Godless society?

  6. Why are all self-hating Jews always so bitter, lying through their teeth and hate the world? i.e. Sanders, Ruth Ginsburg, CNN editors, NYT editors, Haaretz editors, Soros, Rahm Emanuel, etc. etc. etc.

  7. This self hating born Jew who hates Israel and Judaism should look at himself in the mirror before talking about hate. He is the real bully. This Bernie would destroy America and israel in a wink. He would cause holocaust 2. Glad he lost.

  8. Bernie said: “The American people do not want a president who is . . .”
    Right Bernie, that’s why they didn’t vote for you. The American public voted for Donald Trump, remember?
    So why are you telling us who the American people don’t want. They spoke on November 8th, 2016 and told us already themselves. You didn’t hear what the American people want. You didn’t listen to the election. Dictatorship is government which doesn’t listen to the people; it dominates the people. In the United States those people who tell the people what they want are called Democrats. Pathetic!

  9. What kind of people would vote for such a bitter, mean-spirited man for POTUS? Seriously! To think that he beat Hillary is shocking. Just the looks of him should turn people away.

    • Your last sentence just proves who you are…as if, we have a choice in our DNA…BTW why don’t you look at his photos as a young man, quite charming…I would think.
      He’s 70 now. Send us a photo of your pretty face….before and after, for comparison.

      • “Just the looks of him should turn people away.” Who’d want a President that is too old to smile – if he ever did before – and always with a sour face?

    • Typical liberal loser of the 60’s.
      Don’t have a discussion on policies. Don’t talk about the issues of the day. Revert to name calling. Wow, how mature.

  10. Bernie is wrong for president but he can be right on who is in office.

    Trump is a boss. Some cheat the employee. Trump maintains no standard of biblical taste or mantra in his care or speech.

    Bernie is a bear of a stingy. He might be stingy enough to bias the grade. Trump is a stingy of not even a bear. He wants to sell us on bad choice.

    Its a bad state.

    Night roars.


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