Salmen Abedi Identified As Suicide Bomber In Manchester Attack That Killed 22


Salman Abedi, 23, has been identified as the attacker who detonated a suicide bomb at the Manchester Arena at the end of an Ariana Grande concert, killing himself and at least 22 people, while wounding at least 59 others, CBS News reports.

According to news outlets, Abedi is from the United Kingdom and was previously known to British authorities.

Abedi is believed to have used an improvised explosive device, police said.

In a statement released by ISIS celebrating the attack, Abedi is called a soldier of the Khilafah, or caliphate. It’s unconfirmed if ISIS was behind the attack as the video does not mention Abedi by name and refers to multiple bombs where there was only one. Regardless, many attacks in the recent years, while not directly devised by the Islamic State, have been attributed to their influence.



  1. What was his gripe?
    He wasn’t mastering his “English as second language” course, fast enough, or was he upset at the latest fashion of burkas, so popular in the UK lately?

  2. Commish…. unfortunately that won’t put a stop to this either. ISIS is now an ideology that people are randomly adopting. Even local and natural born citizens are becoming perpetrators of terror. There is no easy solution here. The world has its hands full.

  3. It was British who made spreading of wahabism possible by supporting Saudis bid for power a century ago. It was British whose only excuse to take Palestine from Turks was to give it to Jews, then made a 180 turn, broke away “transjordan”, severely restricted Jewish immigration while encouraging unlimited Arab immigration. It was British whose idiotic foreign policy allowed Hitler to amass military power, then blocked Jewish refugees from escaping to either the Jewish land or to any of the British numerous colonial territories. It was British who bombed Dresden to smithereens while refusing to drop a single bomb on death camps. So, this bombing could not have happened to better people.


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