Saeb Erekat ‘Threatens’ Violence if the US Moves Embassy to Yerushalayim


Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat has threatened Arab violence if the US relocates its embassy in Israel to Yerushalayim.

Erekat said he’d resign and the PLO would revoke its recognition of Israel if the embassy is moved.

Furthermore, Erekat said according to Times of Israel, all American embassies in the Arab world would be forced to close, not necessarily because Arab leaderships would want to close them, but because the infuriated public in the Arab world would not “allow” for the embassies to continue to operate.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Typical Arab threats
    He is the boy who cried wolf !!
    but as usual the peace loving Muslim threaten violence
    then they will say that all the problems are Israel’s fault

  2. It’s about the one time they have any integrity if they say they’ll do violence they will but want to comes to keeping the peace agreement They don’t have as much integrity


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