Sad in Adar: Cops in Boro Park Give Summonses to Stores Playing Music


Who doesn’t love the month of Adar?

Apparently, some cops in Boro Park aren’t into the Adar spirit.

Storeowners in Boro Park tells us that cops are trying to quiet the Purim spirit in Boro Park, issuing summonses to stores playing music outside their establishments.

Several stores, upon being confronted by law enforcement about the music, offered to lower the volume, but the cops refused, preferring to write out a summons, which requires the storeowner to make a court appearance.

“The majority of people enjoy the spirit and the liveliness,” said one storeowner. “But the cops are ruining it all. They’ve let the air out of the Adar balloon.”



  1. “I’m appalled!”
    “It’s ridiculous!”
    “It’s unbelievable!”
    “I call on the mayor to so his job and stop this reprehensible action against our community who is just celebrating the spirit of the holiday within its own neighborhood. They’re bothering no one!”

    How many of the above lines will we hear from our dear Assemblyman for life?

  2. How stupid can you be. dont you see that this is the end of any freedom of Expression for Jews under American Law? We will yet see a time in the very near future where Jews in America will once again taste the bitterness of Galus prior to the Ge’ulah She’ema

  3. Why should they blare their music in public? How would we feel if we were to walk in the public Domain and hear Arabic music blasting from stores in honor of Ramadan? I dont get it. Why do we feel we have the right to impose our Holidays on the general public?

    • Hmm, what about the annoying shtiksmas music that we are forced to endure the entire month of December?! That and any other variety of noises that cops do not ticket in the ethnic neighborhoods. So please, take your head out of the sand, and call this selective enforcement what it really is – a governmental Jew hatred.

  4. Sounds like the Obama / Democratic Immigration Policy.
    Do what you want and ignore the Law.
    If the law says no noise is allowed then music is not legal.
    If the Law says noise is allowed then the summons is invalid.
    There is no such option: ‘its in the spirit of……’ if its not legal.

    Some people just don’t get the idea that there are laws to be followed.

    • Some people just don’t get the idea that there are laws that SHOULD be ignored.

      According to the New York Penal Law 240.35(4), it is illegal to congregate in public with two or more people while each wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity. The law has existed since 1845.

      The following is the precise text of the law:

      [one is guilty of loitering when he…..]

      Being masked or in any manner disguised by unusual or unnatural attire or facial alteration, loiters, remains or congregates in a public place with other persons so masked or disguised, or knowingly permits or aids persons so masked or disguised to congregate in a public place;  except that such conduct is not unlawful when it occurs in connection with a masquerade party or like entertainment if, when such entertainment is held in a city which has promulgated regulations in connection with such affairs, permission is first obtained from the police or other appropriate authorities.

      Since you purport to be a scrupulous follower of the law, I am sure that you will obtain police permission before sh’och munosing with the kinderllach this Purim. If not, see you in court , pal.

  5. Question? Why the silence from district manager Barry Spitzer, Councilman David Greenfield, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Mayor Advisor Pinny Ringel?

    Answer: if you are an average yankel berel, there’s no one there for you. Election time they claim that they will be there for you. A Purim Shpiel

    If you believe in self serving politicians, you deserve whats coming to you.

  6. If it is the law not to blast music, is it the law that you have to get a ticket immediately? Ignorance of the law is not a strong defense but can’t they give a warning? A reminder of the law? Repeat offenders then will deserve a ticket (and there probably will be some of those).

  7. If five thousand yidden rallied at the police station about this there would be no tickets. But today people only care about materialism. Years ago in when a Jew was killed in a mugging in boro park the whole community rioted at the police station. Today everyone is apathetic.

  8. The cops are correct. Blasting music is annoying and dangerous. It’s bad enough that our weddings have this health issue. Young children are LOSING their hearing. Stop this cancer now.

  9. to be fair the ticket says that the defendent said ” i cant turn it down” someone mustve called it in the store guy should lower it a bit / no its not blasting and no its not like someone getting killed

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